Summary: As Christians, some are aimlessly wondering around not accomplishing anything for the cause of Christ. I believe that’s because we’re paddling the boat of mediocrity!

I. Introduction

A. James 1:6-8

B. As God’s people we have become tossed to every wind of doctrine so much to the point that some are confused altogether.

1. When we are unstable and uncrontrolled by the Spirit of God, we become undependable to the cause of Christ.

2. Our commitment level will drop and reduce when other people or activities rank higher on our to do or priority list.

3. We finally land right in the boat of mediocrity where the disciples found themselves.

C. It has been well put: "That He will either be Lord of all, or He will not be Lord at all."

II. Body

A. Divine Direction (v.22)

1. How often so many have been given the direction yet they shun after more careless things of this life.

2. As people we’ve been given direction for salvation and yet some shun.

3. As parishioner we know more bible than we are willing to follow.

4. As parents we’ve been given biblical principles as guides for our children yet we seem to be failing them.

5. Even as pastors and preachers of the gospel even some of us are missing the boat, or maybe that’s just it we’re in the wrong one!

6. Has God asked you to do something for his glory? Have you responded to His offer of salvation? Are you accepting your calling half heartedly?

7. When we have turned our backs on what Jesus directed us on it will lead us to the next step!

B. Disoriented Disciples (v.24)

1. They should have crossed over a long time before Jesus came on the water since He took the time to send the multitudes away.

2. This gives indication that the disciples obviously eased their way towards the other side not in any hurry to fulfill the command of the Master.

3. The verse states that they seem to be carelessly drifting along tossed all about, not really heading in any direction now.

4. Some are disoriented because of circumstances, some because of crisis, some because they are Christ less.

C. Darkness Of The Hour (v. 25a)

1. Jesus came inthe fourth watch, which was between 3-6 a.m.

2. It matters not how dark the circumstances or the crisis, Jesus can meet you where ever you are!

D. Devil’s Delusion (v. 26)

1. Notcie how that in their time of uncertainty the devil caused fear and despair, when Jesus was on His way.

E. Daring Disciple (v. 28-29)

1. When Peter recognized the Lord he asked to come and Jesus bid him to come.

2. Peter exercised the small amount of faith he had left and stepped out.

3. If your not going to put your faith into action then the Bible says your faith is dead.

Example4. There was a minister witnessing to a man about his faith and the man replied he’d been saved.

a. Minister asked about his church habits, man replied with the thief on the cross never went to church.

b. Minister asked about his baptismal experience, again the man referred to the thief.

c. Minister asked about his giving financially, and once more he referred to the thief.

d. Minister finally responded, the thief was dying in his belief, but your already dead in yours!

F. Domination Of Vision (v. 30)

1. Your not ready to get out of the boat of mediocrity till your eyes are firmly planted on Jesus Christ!

2. As long as Peter kept eyes on Jesus He kept alfoat, but when he looked around and focused on the circumstances he began to sink and drown.

G. Deity Of Christ (v. 25b)

1. Notice how Jesus came; supernaturally walking on the water.

2. Bible says, "things that are impossible with men are possible with God."

3. "Is there anything to hard for God?"

4. "If we call unto Him, He’ll show us great and mighty things."

5. "He can do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could think or ask, according to the power that worketh in us."

6. "He can supply all our needs according to His riches in glory."

H. Divine Deliverance (v. 31)

1. If your problem is over your head remember it has to be under His feet.

2. Jesus came to overcome all that we will or have experienced.

3. Heb. 4:15

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