Summary: Jesus many times chose not to draw attention to Himself (Actually, spent most of His ministry away from the pomp, circumstance, limelight that was in Jerusalem.This day all of that changes.

Palm Sunday Visitation

April 1, 2012 Chester FBC, Chester, IL Dr. Mike Fogerson, Speaker

Luke 19.29-44


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B When ever a movie premiers or an award ceremony takes place the stars of hollywood will don their Bob Mache, Versacie, Goche, Christian Dior gowns/suits.

1 As they walk the red carpet the papperazzi take thousands of pictures all while the stars smile at the cameras and their throngs of adoring fans. Look at me!

a Compare their entrance to what we call the “triumphal entry” of Jesus.

aa Jesus healed leprosy in Matt. 8.4, and said, “See that you don’t tell anyone.”

bb Matt. 9.30, Jesus heals two blind men and sternly says, “See here, let no one know about this!”

cc Mark 1.24-25, a demon possessed man in Capernaum yelled, “I know who you are–the Holy One of God!” and Jesus told him, “Be quit, and come out of him.”

b Jesus many times chose not to draw attention to Himself (Actually, spent most of His ministry away from the pomp, circumstance, limelight that was in Jerusalem.

c This day all of that changes.

aa As was first century custom, people were placing palm branches down in the road to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem as Messiah & King.

bb Palms were typically a sign of the Feast of Tabernacles/Booths/ in anticipation of the coming the royal messiah . . . but this is Passover (a time of repentance/sacrifice/forgiveness.)

cc On this day, Jesus conjoins the feasts and doesn’t stop their worship or instructs them to be quiet.

d Before Jesus can get real close to the city, temple the multitude of disciples start worshiping Him.

aa 19.37, Before Jesus gets to where He’s going (Temple)/ Folks get to where they are going (Jerusalem) a worship service breaks out!

bb They don’t worship in the quiet of their heart but are demonstrative with their worship. Get Loud!!! (19.37)

cc Do not wait until you get to a House of Worship to worship the One True God!

dd Do not be afraid to clap, raise your hand, sing from your heart, jump/shout dance unto the Lord because He is worthy of our praise & worship.

2 The day had started out fairly normally around Bethphage & Bethany, about 2 miles east of Jerusalem.

a Jesus sent two disciples to get the colt that He would ride in on for the triumphal entry (19.30-31)

aa Jesus knew the colt was there (Showing His omniscience) when He sent His disciples to get it for Him.

bb 19.33-34, Literally the “lords” (kyrioi), but Jesus is the kyrios “LORD”; Jesus is the rightful owner! Sovereignty.

cc Jesus was in complete control of what He gave His disciples charge over!

b He told them where to go, what do and say, and provided the resources to accomplish the mission He had given them; The disciples did exactly what they were told to do and everything happened the way Jesus said it would!

c If you are listening to the Savior’s voice, following the Will of God and the leading of the Holy Spirt God will two things:

aa He will release you to minister & serve in His kingdom.

bb He will release to you the resources to do the ministry.

cc Some of you need to untie your colt. (Song, Word to Speak, Gift to exercise, etc.)

C The colt symbolized two important things: Royalty & Sacredness.

1 At the time of Jesus (and before) the donkey was a prized/valuable/nobel creature that helped people do their work, put food on the table, carry heavy loads or burdens . . . Beast of burden.

a The donkey was also ridden by wealthy/powerful people (1 Kings 1.33,38-39; Solomon rode a donkey to his inauguration to being anointed King of Israel.)

aa Kings would arrive to a city riding upon a mule/donkey to show their peaceful intentions; a stallion would represent a conquering king or intention for war!

bb Jesus wasn’t coming to overthrow the government, but to save people from their sin . . . but He was coming as a king (19.38), but not just a king.

b He was coming as the Messiah, Anointed One of God.

2 Dr. Luke tells us that the colt that Jesus came riding upon had never been ridden (19.30). . . why?

a Num. 19.2; Deut. 21.3 gives Mosaic instruction on what kind of animal was suitable/acceptable by the High Priest for temple sacrifice. (W/O spot, blemish, imperfections, and never worked/labored/been ridden/yoked)

b The colt showed His Highness, His intentions, and His Eligibility.

aa He did not come just as King, but also High Priest.

cc Not just High Priest, but also as Sacrificial Lamb.

D Not everybody grasped the entry.

1 Some rejoiced (v.37), some didn’t understand, some rejected it altogether (v.39).

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