Summary: Outline on Christ’s parable on faithfulness


What if everyday your banker gave you $86,400 and told you at the end of each day you had to give him back all of the money you did not use or you would lose it? We have 86,400 seconds each day and every second that we do not use for the Lord we lose. (ill. Taken from Pulpit Helps Magizine. Aug. 2001) When Zack got saved many of the people there thought that Jesus was now ready to set up His earthly kingdom. Therefore, Jesus gives this parable to gives them and us some understanding about the future. This parable deals with faithfulness while the master is away.


A. The Revelation of What Christ Is Going To Do. (12)

B. The Revelation of Who We Are –( Servants – Dulos – Paul) ( 13)

C. The Revelation of What We Are To Be Doing – (13)

D. The Revelation of What WE Have Belongs to Jesus – (thy pound) (15-20)

II. THE REWARDING OF THE FAITHFUL (2 COR. 5, 1 COR. 3 – judgement seat of Christ)

A. The Bases of the Reward – (good and faithful)

(Ill. A church had an orchestra to come and give a concert and the place was full. When it was over one member slyly said to the pastor when will this place be full again. The pastor replied, “ When I can get 88 men and women who are disciplined and dedicated and follow my direction like this orchestra.”)

B. The Blessing of the Reward (17)

W.W. Weirsbee said, “ The reward for faithful work is more work.”

If God can’t trust you with little, He will not trust with much.

You can tell a good restaurant by how busy it is.

III. The Rebuking of the Unfaithful

A. The Unfaithful’s Problem (20-26)

1. wrong view of God – had fear not faith – God equips for what God expects

2. wrong view of the future

3. he was lazy ( Matt. 24 – says that man was slothful)

4. ill. Of what can make us unfaithful

a. Peter in John 21 had his eyes on John “What about John”

b. In Gal. They added other things to grace.

c. Phil. “ Beware of dogs”

d. Col. Warns about men’s philosophy

e. Thess. False teaching about the rapture

f. Peter and Jude – False teachers

g. Epistles of John – out of fellowship with the Father

B. The Unfaithful’s Punishment (26)

IV. The Retribution of the Lost.

A. The Reason for Retribution (14,27)

B. The Reality of Retribution ( 27) (Rev. – Great White Throne)

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