Summary: Sermon looks at parenting principles and challenges for children from Luke 2.

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Parenting Done Right

Luke 2:39-52

Rev. Brian Bill


I have a confession to make this morning. For the past 11 years many of you have had to endure my frequent references to Wisconsin as the Promised Land. I’m starting to feel bad about this because it’s not really fair to say that just one state is highly favored by God. And so from now on I feel constrained to refer to two states that comprise Paradise. Some of you have been waiting for many years for me to see the light so I might as well admit it today. God has especially blessed the land of milk and the land of mountains…Colorado.

Our family was able to leave the flatlands of Illinois and travel to the majestic mountains of Colorado for vacation. We started in Colorado Springs where we did a lot of hiking at the Garden of the Gods, visited Glen Eyrie, Focus on the Family and the Air Force Academy. We ended our time by spending a few days at a secluded place up in the mountains four hours northwest of Denver. A Christian couple graciously let us borrow their brand-new home for free (see Everywhere we went we either saw mountains or we were in the mountains. It was incredible. One of the things we did was look up over 200 Bible verses that contain the word “mountain.” Reading 25 at a time, we learned that God is as unmovable as a mountain, that He met with Moses on a mountain, that we can find refuge in Him, that He shakes the mountains with His voice.

On the first day we were in Colorado Springs, I woke up early in search of a cup of coffee and went outside on the motel balcony with my Bible. The view of snow-covered Pike’s Peak was glorious. When I went back inside for a refill I noticed a man standing in front of a TV intently watching a sporting event. He was totally locked in. When I walked past him with my full cup of java, he didn’t even notice me. As I headed back to my perch on the porch I was moved again by the majesty of the mountains. I then looked back at the man and he was still glued to the TV, totally oblivious to the splendor of God’s creative beauty. I began to secretly judge him inside, only to realize that I had pulled out my phone and had my face in my messages.

As we wrap up our “Hope for Your Home” series, I want to draw our attention away from electronic devices and other distractions so that we can focus on some parenting peaks that are as immovable as the mountains. Please turn in your Bibles to Luke 2. Before we camp in our text, let’s set the context. After Jesus was born, Joseph and Mary took Him to the Temple in Jerusalem to dedicate Him to the Father. It was there that a man named Simeon blessed the young family and predicted that Mary would have her soul pierced. They also encountered a worshipping widow named Anna who spoke about the Savior to all who would listen.

Here’s where we’re headed today. I want to draw some parenting principles from Joseph and Mary and then we’re going to look at five key factors in a child’s growth.

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