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Summary: In Genesis 12:10 in lean times, "Abram went down to Egypt". There is no mention of Abram calling out to God. He's a business man. He just makes a logical decision, but it is decision that is devoid of the promises God gave him. DISCONNECTION big time!


We were standing in line to go into Church. It was a long line and we had to wait for some time for the doors to be opened. Although the auditorium seated 1,500 people, some people would have to come to the next service or sit in a "bad seat". You had to get to Church early to get a "good seat" (3 or 4 rows back from the front right hand side). I often wonder about those who miss out on good seats and whether I really need to find a good seat and then give it to someone else who doesn't have one. Being a Christian brings such conflict when it comes to anything that resembles selfishness.

Anyway, as we stood in line, my wife was ahead of me a couple of spaces and a man had cornered her in conversation. He was a strange character, unshaven and loud and Julie was obviously uncomfortable at the attention he was giving her. She said that he was "chatting her up" at the top of his voice. I didn't think much about it at the time. I just thought he was loud and a little offputting. I thought Julie would come back to me if she needed help.

Just then a young man with 2 young boys intentionally and as unobtrusively as possible stood between my wife and this man with his back to him, and the conversation had to be redirected elsewhere. This young man had obviously noticed my wife's plight and did something about it.

Julie said something to me later that made me realize that I HAD DISCONNECTED FROM THE WAY SHE WAS FEELING. She said she had felt insecure and was never quite sure whether I would tune in enough in order to rescue her from situations such as this when needed. DISCONNECTION big time!

Now in Genesis 12 it seems to me that ABRAM DISCONNECTED FROM GOD AND FROM HIS WIFE.


God called Abram in Ur. After travelling first to Haran, Abram had already STAYED TOO LONG, probably for the sake of wealth and possessions from his inheritance. Now it seems GOD TESTED HIM again in this very area. It keeps coming around. Years later Jesus spoke to a rich young ruler about his attitude to wealth and whether he was willing to give it up in exchange for following Him. He was unwilling. Abram faces a similar test.

Why did he get into trouble? It seems to me that it is because he didn't believe in the promises of God. God said Canaan would be the land where he would prosper, but when famine hit and testing came, Abram was off to Egypt. God hadn't mentioned anything about prospering and being blessed in Egypt, so this must have been Abram's idea.

IT'S DURING THE LEAN TIMES THAT MY FAITH IS TESTED TOO. Am I willing to settle for second best when it comes to the things of God, or pursue the dream that God wants for my life, even during the famine?

In Genesis 12:10 during the lean times, "Abram went down to Egypt". There is no mention of Abram calling out to God about this. He's a business man. He just makes a logical decision, but it is decision that is devoid of the promises God gave him. DISCONNECTION!

WHENEVER I CHOOSE EGYPT OVER THE PROMISED LAND I WALK IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. Egypt only brought slavery to Israel. It seems the conflict with Egypt all started with the choices that Abram made and ever since, his descendents have had the same tendency to choose Egypt over God's promises. It eventually leads to Moses having to lead Israel out of there all together.

Whenever I choose my circumstances over my beliefs it seems it is at that point where I get into trouble. It was true of Abram too. As Pastor Brian Houston from Hillsong Church says, "We have to bring our circumstances up to the level of our beliefs, not the other way around." When my beliefs are lowered to the level of my circumstances they are limited and powerless. They are hollow and are more likely to resemble doubt and the values of the world - A DISCONNECTION! (which reminds me - my telephone bill is due!)

2. But Abram also DISCONNECTED FROM HIS WIFE. I disconnect with my wife in some unfortunate ways, although it is not my intention to do so. DO I NOTICE WHAT SHE WEARS? Well, yes, but ask me about it at the end of the day and I won't be able to tell you. I know this because she has asked me and I haven't been able to tell her. It is an unfortunate disconnection because it can be extremely upsetting to a woman when she takes a lot of time to look beautiful just for you. I am getting better at noticing.

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