Summary: This is the last installment of the Spiritual Gifts Series where we wrap up the gifts with Helps and Administration.

Spiritual Gifts Series

Part 9 – Helps and Administration

First Baptist Church of Tawas City Michigan

Rev. Bruce A. Shields

Welcome to the First Baptist Church of Tawas City.

If you are visiting today, please be sure to fill out a visitor card and leave it in the pew after the service.

We’re going to wrap up our Sermon Series on spiritual gifts today.

The last two gifts we will be discussing are helps and Administration.


A few things we need to remember about spiritual gifts;

We are at war right now, a spiritual one.

Our enemy is smarter, stronger, more experienced; he has more resources, and definitely a better understanding of spiritual things.

He will defeat us in our minds, in our relationships, in our marriages, at work and in our homes.

You cannot hide from him.

But we do not have to be alone in this battle.

The scriptures promise that if we leave this evil spiritual kingdom we were born into we can have benefits and protection from this adversary.

So how do we leave this evil kingdom we were born into?

We accept Jesus Christ as our Lord.

We give our spiritual being, our heart to Him.

Once we make Jesus Christ our Lord, many miraculous events begin to unfold for us.

God begins working on our spiritual selves.

We don’t immediately see the results on the outside, but God begins working on us right away if we truly surrender.

We begin to change our thinking.

We begin to see the world and the things of the world for what they truly are.

We see people, industries, and events for what they are instead of what were told they are.

The wool is removed from our eyes.

We begin to read God’s word, filling our hearts.

We decide to be baptized to show the world that we have been born again!

We have accepted Jesus and He has made us a new creation.

We continue to read God’s word spending time with Him in prayer.

Through prayer we build a relationship with our Father in heaven.

As our hearts fill with God word, it begins to overflow and it starts coming out of us and into the world around us.

We start living and speaking God.

Just as God brought us into this world through speaking it, we bring God into the world around us through constantly speaking of Him and His greatness.

We begin to speak things with faith and belief.

We pray for God’s Holy Spirit to fill us as He did at Pentecost.

And it is from God’s Holy Spirit that we receive some of God’s traits.

These spiritual gifts from God.

These abilities which empower us to live out God’s will in our lives and serve Him in this spiritual war.

Through the Holy Spirit we receive the spiritual armor which protects us and enables us to carry out God’s mission for mankind.

Remember its God’s will that NONE parish but all come to repentance.

We are soldiers in a spiritual battle, wearing our spiritual armor of God, and serving in the manner that He sees fit for us.

Each of us who have accepted Christ has been enlisted in God’s army.

Each of us who have the Holy Spirit has the armor of God available to us.

Each of us who have the Holy Spirit has at least one spiritual gift to serve the Body of Christ with.

We cannot use what we don’t know we have.

That is what this series is all about.

Understanding what some of the gifts are so that you can discover what gift God has given you and then use it so that you are serving the Lord in the purpose He created you to.

God’s will is for all to come to repentance.

God’s will is for us to reach the lost.

This church is here for one reason, to be a beacon to this community.

A lighthouse to the lost.

A spiritual warfare hospital where we bring those in who have been wounded or destroyed in the spiritual battle that is raging on outside those doors.

We are here to rescue the lost.

We do this through spreading the Good News of Christ.

We can’t spread the Good News if we don’t know the Good News.

So we must read our Bibles.

We must go to church to hear and understand the stories and events in the Bible.

We must devote our hearts to God to do His work.

We must reach out to the lost.

You know, we have an outreach committee here.

But in actuality, this entire church is supposed to be an outreach.

Each one of us on a personal level is supposed to be preaching the Word of God and what He has done in your life to every one you know.

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