Summary: Many Christians today are running a part-time course in the Christian faith. As a matter of fact, they take their faith in Christ basically as an adjunct to their lives. They apply “wisdom” in serving the living God taking the Most High for a ride.

Part-time programme is a special package by an institution and it is designed particularly for the working class. This programme is designed in such a way that most of the institution’s rules and regulations that are binding on the regular students do not affect the part-time students. There is a level of freedom they enjoy that the regular students cannot even perceive unless they are actually tired of the school and so want to have a quick way out. Attendance at lectures is not compulsory and punctuality is not even an issue. At least that is how it is run in my part of the world.

I call them executive students because they have time for so many things at a time – while they are running the programme to get a certificate in a particular field of study, they are concurrently doing one thing or the other wherein they find fulfillment or in other to make ends meet. Therefore, the programme, most often than not, is of a secondary value to them while their jobs or any other vocations they are involved in occupy the primary place in their hearts.

In the same vein, many Christians today are running a part-time course in the Christian faith. As a matter of fact, they take their faith in Christ basically as an adjunct to their lives. They apply “wisdom” in serving the living God taking the Most High for a ride while drawing out their own doctrines as it appeals to their convenience. The devil has succeeded in diverting their attentions from the race to eternal glory by occupying their totality with “all these things” – how to make ends meet, how to live large, how to keep the home/marriage, how to successfully run and manage the business, how to cater for the family, how to please the boss and keep the job, how to become famous and influential etc.

This phenomenon of part-time Christianity which is a misplaced priority as it is wholly against the doctrine of the Holy Bible has a teeming long list of names on its register. Even so many men and women of God have one way or the other gotten themselves enrolled in this ungodly institution; reason being that these ‘spiritual fathers’ of ours in this generation now preoccupy themselves with the affairs of this sinful world – the love of the world is no longer an enmity to God as far as they are concerned although somewhat unknowingly.

Then, what makes this part-time Christianity which is fast becoming a norm in this computer age that is full of all sorts of innovations illegal and unwelcoming in the school of the supernatural?

• A jealous God (Ex 20:5; 34:14):- Our God is a jealous God. And He made that point so clear when He commanded the Israelites, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart……” He abhors being placed side-by-side with anything whatsoever. He cannot share His glory with anyone. He cherishes man and that is while He created him as a treasure for His own pleasure. Therefore, going after another god is an infringement on the part of man which He cannot condone.

• No man can serve two masters (Matt 6:24):- Apart from the fact that our God is a jealous God who cannot share His glory with anything/anybody whatsoever, man by nature, lacks the aptitude to serve two interests concurrently and satisfactorily. You cannot place any other interest and His interest on the same pedestal. It is impossible! Even when your interest is very important, His is paramount. So, you need to always place Him in His proper position by giving His interest precedence over any other at any point in time. And by so doing, He becomes pleased with you and serves your own interest far better than you would (Jn 6:33). The encounter of the widow of Zarephat with the Prophet Elijah is a typical example of the dumbfounding ways God employs in attending to the case of those that can lay their wills bear at His feet. 1Kg 17:8-16 – This poor widow got the leading to serve the interest of God first and she did, although out of inconvenience, but God surprised her when He turned her cruise of oil into a fountain and the barrel of meal into a storehouse. What an awesome God we serve! Meanwhile, we have to take notice of this simple fact that it is the blessing of the Lord that maketh rich and He addeth no sorrow with it. Except the Lord builds the house, it is in vain for you to rise up early and except the Lord keeps the city, it is in vain to sit up late (Pro 10:22, Psa 127:1-2).

• Forsake all (Lk 14:26-27, 33):- Distractions are not entertained in this race. So, whatever and/or whoever will not allow one to solely concentrate on the Master must be jettisoned. Not business, marriage, family, children, parents, hobbies, position, colleagues, pastors, doctrines, church denominations, appetite for wealth, fame and power and even self should separate you from the love of Christ and the utmost commitment to the God Almighty (Rom 8:35-39). You need to ask Him therefore for help to deal with whatever is on your neck to shift your attention from the Cross. But you must also help yourself (Matt 18:8-9).

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