Summary: This sermon deal with the harvest in the feild. And how to get in the feild.

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I want to preach a message to you this morning in title Participating in the lords harvest.

Take you bible and turn to 2 opening’s

ps 126:5-6 and John 4:35-36

The bible says that they that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

lets talk about that!

Lets consider The Priority of the Harvest.. Luke 10:2 2 peter 3 :9

Jesus take this soul winning very serious. He said it was not his will that any should perish, But all should come to repentance.

The fields are white unto harvest


A..It is to sow your seed.

With out a seed in the ground, How can there be a harvest?

you see some of you sow and others of you will reap from that sowing. But Jesus said for us to work together that we may rejoice together.

Is your heart set in Place to sow your seed.

Some one said to me that I dont have anything to sow. I must say There was a very wise man said to me one time that you cant give anything away that you dont have a bit more than you can come back from some where you have never been.

Let me say this that One of the best seed to sow is that of your own Testimony.

Telling others what God has done for you is one of the best seeds there is.

Let me encourge you to find someone and sow aeed in there heart. One day it will pay off.

Once you have sown your seed. there is another process that comes.

B.... The process of Reaping

verse 36. Both he that sowth and reapeth may rejoice together.

What a blessing to see some one come to christ and know that you had a part in it wheather you was the sower or the reaper. But it is for sure the process must take place



#1... Become a praying individual

ps 2:8 say ask of me and I will give to you the heathen for your in inheritance.

Let me say if we will find our selfs in a place of Prayer, seeking God for the lost. God word is True, and he said if we ask e will give them to us.

so let me incourge you to pray for the lost that our harvest will come.

#2...Develop a personal interest 2 cor.6:1

God is looking for people to just get involved with others.

when you are involved, you are sowing into the live you are with.

The bible says that we are workers with him.

I want to incourge you if you are not involved now to get started. For the harvest will be that of what we sow.

#3...Give Persistent in "Invitation" Luke.14:16-23

Records the story of the master that had a Party and wanted to invite some people, and as his servert’s went out to give the invitation, It seem that all of them had accuses to offer why they could not come.

Then the master got anger and said go out into the highways and hedges and just compell them to come in that my house may be fill.

friend I want to say It may be hard at times to invite some that you know that want come, But stop and consider the one that ask you many Times to come to church with you. There are many out there are just waiting to be ask to come.

we have got to be Persistent in compelling them to come. the word compell means to drag.

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