Summary: Helping someone in need.


Mark 2: 1-13

These four men saw someone in need.

They wanted to help.

Matt 24: 31-35 & 37 & 40-46

Story of Samaritan-story of talents, cup of cold water.

This is love for our fellow man.

Christ “Love” God & thy neighbor.

This is Charity- I Cor. 13: 1-8 & 13

What the four men did not do.

Saw poor man sick of palsy.

Needs help (piety).

But I don’t know what I could do.

He should ask the government to help.

Bill or Joe, they should be helping this poor fellow.

They didn’t say we could do it another day.

Let’s investigate the matter & do what we can, reach crowd.

There is nothing more that we can do.

We did what we could!

These four men weren’t like this.

I am sure that there were others there who were.

They were the spectators who watched them.

Perhaps even encouraged them.

I am sure that there were some there who didn’t approve of what they were doing- “Don’t take him to Jesus that blasphemer” who works through Bazelbulb etc.

Don’t you see the crowd? You are wasting time.

“Don’t take the roof off that House.” Ruin a good house.

There are always agitators, irritators and aggravators present whenever a good work is being done.

But these four men were initiators.

They were resourceful and used their ingenuity.

Remember story of talents.

They had faith in Jesus and in what they were doing.

They were determined to help this man.

They did everything they could.

They were united in their effort.

They were successful.

They brought the man to Jesus.

They were participants or participators.

In the church today we have too many spectators, irritators, agitators and aggravators….and not enough participators.

People are more incline to be spectators today than ever before “Seems to me.”

Watch TV-spectators in sports, etc.

Easier to complain and gripe than to do.

What was the end result of what the four did….his sins were forgiven?

Most important.

“What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul…”

There are many in the world today who need to come to Jesus and have their sins forgiven.

Some can come on their own.

Others need someone to lead them, like Phillip did the Ethiopian.

But there are many who are like this man who was sick with palsy, weakness or paralysis, dep.

False teaching is like palsy-so many different teachings, trys or wants to believe all, makes him weak in his spirit and unable to move to Christ.

Believe a false teaching.

Told he was saved without him being in Christ.

Sin forgiven when they were not paralyzed.

To reach these it takes a united, resourceful effort.

It took four, not two or one. Sometimes church is two.

Perhaps there are those here today who do not have their sins forgiven.

Isiah 55:3 Hear Jesus, Peter, and Paul

Hebrews 11:6 “Faith cometh by hearing….”

Mark 16: 16

Acts 2: 38

Galatians 3: 27

Col 2: 12 & 13

Romans 6: 1-4

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