Summary: God called Israelite to surrender themselves and make their generations to follow God. Do everything according to the desire of God. Success at your hand.

Theme: Pass the torch of your faith

Text: Joshua 4:1-13

Introduction: There are numerous varieties of stones. The traditional gemstones are: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Indians strongly believe on the Lucky stones. Particular about the colour and luck.

Some people have stones at kidneys, bladder, prostate gland, gallbladder, salivary glands, pancreas. be removed with costly expensive way.

Commemorative Stones(vv.1-7):

All of us are travellers, all of us love to have vacation. We enjoy traveling and viewing the beautiful scenery of forest, trees, flowers, rivers and etc. immediately we are so enthusiastic to click snaps. Then post it in the fb. We keep many of the things for the benefit of the Children. Some of the antique are incomparable. Some keep the pen, pencil, chairs, musical instruments, books and etc., Children must be taught and be educated that how the Lord led you in your life.

Our life is very much attached with anniversaries, memories, commemorations and joyful occasions. Today the world is full of special days, college day, alumni day, earth day, water day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and etc.,

These stones are memorial of your life journey. If you met with an accident, then scar you have on your body and the place is on your mind, when you are physically present you have a kind of current in your body. Abraham built altars for the Lord. Isaac heaped the stones as witness. Jacob established a stone at Bethel. Jeroboam and Saul established stones for themselves.

Is there anything to remember in your life spiritually. What was the date you encountered with God? when did you commit yourselves to the LORD? When was the first time you have completed reading of the Bible at least once?

Constant or stable Stones (v.9)

Joshua set ups the twelve stones in the middle of the Jordan. Jordan was overflowing, threshing like anything, nothing can stand in the middle of a river. Even the modern days pillars of the bridges can be moved. Joshua sets up the stones. We all need to be the stones which cannot be moved by problems, sicknesses and troubles. Read: Rm: 8:35-39…who shall separate us, what shall separate us…. Nothing and nothing.

God looks for people who are strong pillars of the Church. He said to Peter you are rock I will build my Church. How many of you are rock in the Church? Some are rolling stones, unstable stones, useless stones. We all need to be trust worthy stones. God said to Jeremiah that today I made you as an Iron Pillar and a fortified city (Jer.1:18). James Peter and John are the Pillars of God (Gal.2:9), and whoever overcomes I will make him a Pillar of the Temple of God (Rev.3:12).

Conversing stones (v.20):

In hill stations if we go, we see that stones repeat what you have uttered. Echo.

These stones will speak to the children, will raise questions. Tell them:

Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground (v.22). YHWH dried up the Jordan (v.23). YHWH did as a witness to the nations. He did so that the nations, peoples will know that he is a God of great salvation. His hand is so powerful (v.24).

The stones will cry out (Lk.19:40 & Hab.2:11). God can raise up children out of the stones (Lk.3:8).

Converse with your children about the place of God in your life, in their life. Nothing is impossible to God.

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