Summary: David’s influence of Solomon inspires and instructs fathers today as to thier responsibility.

Passing the Flame: From Father to Child

1 Chronicles 28:8-13, 19-21

I.Teach them to follow God’s moral standard.(8)

A. “Be Careful,”

1. Heb. “Sha-mar” = “to keep.” 2 Senses

a. To watch/tend like you would tend a garden.

i. Word first used in Gen. 2:15: Keeping the Garden of Eden.

ii. Watch for weeds: Care for plants.

b. To watch like a watchman on a wall.

2. What are we to teach them to watch over?

B. Teach them to “be careful” how they live. (8b)

1. “Follow all of the commands of God.”

2. “What are the commands of God?” God’s Word.

a. In this passage, Pentateuch.

b. Can be applied to the whole scripture we have today.

c. It is our moral standard.

3. Teach them to keep a Moral Standard.

4. Why should we follow God’s commands?

C.“You will possess the land if you do.”

1. There are two types of rewards in our world today.

a. Rewards from the world.

b. Rewards from God.

-Israel’s land was a reward from God.

2. There is reward for faithful living. For living obedient to God’s Word.

a. May be received here and now

b. May not be seen until heaven. But there is reward.

3. Which rewards are you teaching your children to pursue? -“I’m not teaching either.” Oh yes you are!! By your lifestyle!

II. Teach them to know and serve God. (9)

A. Acknowledge the God of your father. How?

- Heb: “Yada”: Two perspectives. (Ro. 1:18-20)

1. To know Him by observing, reflecting (thinking)

a. God under the microscope?

i. Heresy? No, God wants to be known! Revelation.

ii. God revealed His invisible qualities. (20)

b. This “factual” knowledge of God is not enough.

B. Serve God.

1. With wholehearted devotion, but only willing mind.

a. When we obey God, our minds often tell us we are crazy.

b. We must be devoted to God with all of our hearts, but it doesn’t always have to make sense to us.

c. God says, “Let your heart be devoted wholly to me, but just leave your mind open to My directions.”

d. God doesn’t always have to make sense.

2. Why must we have this heart/mind balance when we serve God? (verse 9b)

a. A heart that is not wholly devoted to God will lead to a loss of faith and trust in God.

-Working with the children, don’t think I can manage the time. “I don’t trust You, God.”

b. A mind closed to God’s direction will lead to selfish motives.

“I give my tithe.” =“I have power in the church.”

3. “We must teach our children to be both be devoted in their hearts to obey God and willing in their minds to accept His guidance.”

III. Teach them to pursue God’s calling. (10)

How do they purse?

A. Pay attention to it: “Consider now.” Heb: “ra’ah”

1. “To see.” Ie “Pay attention.”

2. “A bird of prey.” : Fixed eyes upon a target.

a. Pay attention to what God has called you to.

b. Focus on his calling.

B. Be determined. :“Be Strong.”

1. Heb: “hazaq” = to be strong, strengthen, to harden.

2. Used in Exodus 4:21

a. God hardens Pharaoh’s heart.

b. Sometimes, we need to be, “hard-headed” about the ministries we are in. Why?

3. Because it is work!!

C. Do the work.

1. Most have a “dreamy” idea of the ministry.

2. While in Seminary: “My life will be just fine when I start serving.”

3. Ministry is hard work. Determination.

IV. Give them the tools that they need. (11-13)

A. David gave Solomon tools he needed to complete his call

1. He gave him the plans (11-12)

2. He gave the instructions for how the temple was to be run. (13)

B. It is the parent’s responsibility to give the child the tools of life.

1. Times will come when our children will need physical, tangible assistance in their lives. We must always be willing to give it.

2. This is not a life long support, but a help to get started.

3. My soapbox derby car. My dad taught me about soap box derby’s.

V. Pass your faith on to them. (20)

A. Pass on your testimony about God.

1. Told of His faithfulness. “He is with you.”

2. Told of His strength. “He will not fail you.”

3. Told of His love. “He will not forsake you.”

B. Why tell these stories? :Deut. 4:9

1. For you to remember how God works.

2. For that experience to be passed on to your children.

C. Becoming a story-teller: Gordie’s Bible Studies.

1. Telling stories of God’s work in your life works to build your faith.

2. Telling these stories builds a foundation for the faith of your children.

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