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Summary: God’s Word has a prescription for God’s people in tough times.


1- There is a tendency to get frustrated with the way things always seem to go.(Hard to get ahead)

2- God’s word is the solution to our problem! (“…word is a lamp unto my feet…Ps 119:105)

3- Often problems are no more than a lack of perspective. (illus. Things we thought would never pass)

1. This was David’s problem (Vv. 1-2)

2. God’s final solution to the problem (Vv. 9-11)

Ps. 37 contains a prescription of six practical instructions between the problem and solution.

1- First, Don’t Fret Because of Evil Men. (v 1-2)

1.) “Fret” Heb. khaw-raw – to be hot, to worry, to have the heart-burn, to fume, to be vexed.

2.) Illus. Overheated radiator and the accompanying behavior. (Excitability factor)

3.) Illus. Foolish for an heir to be grieved by an actor – pretender.

2- Second, We Are Told To “Trust In the Lord.” (v 3 a)

1.) Reminds us of (Prov 3:5)

2.) Remember “All things are possible” to faith. (Mk 9:23)

3.) Believe that God will take care of all that is unjust. (Heb 11:6)

3- Third, We Are Admonished To “Do Good.” (v 3 b)

1.) “Trust” always comes before works. (Trusting before doing)

2.) Trust God to vindicate - add works to your faith. (James 2:20)

3.) Perfection vs. Production holds some back. (Good plan today is better than a great plan tomorrow)

4.) Weight and sin hold some at bay. (Heb 12:1)

5.) The promise: put faith into action and God will supply your needs.

4- Fourth, We Are Told To “Delight In the Lord.” (v 4)

1.) To delight means to take pleasure in a thing. (Child’s eyes looking at a new bought toy)

2.) The world delights in their portion, we must in ours!

3.) The promise, “The desires of your heart.”

5- Fifth, “Commit Your Way To the Lord.” (vv. 5-6)

1.) Heb. gaw-lal “Roll thy way upon the Lord”

2.) What is your way? It is the course of your life.

3.) He knows all of your needs and your fears.

4.) The promises.[Do your part and God will do His.- Do the possible & God will do the impossible]

6- Sixth, “Be Still Before the Lord & Wait Patiently.” (v 7)

1.) The stillness of waiting not resting!

2.) Not resignation but a positive effort to replace doubt with trust.

3.) Pillow your head on the promises of God. (Rom 8:28)

7- Finally, “Cease From Anger.” (v 8)

1.) Quit being frustrated by things and people.

2.) “Anger of man does not work the righteousness of God.” (Jam. 1:20)

3.) “Don’t be overcome of evil…overcome evil w/ good”(Rom 12:21)

The problem of injustice of life has to be resolved as being transitory. (vv. 9-20)

1- Remember the laboring Ox has a brighter future than the pastured ox does. What the unsaved have in hand is much greater than what they have in hope!

2-Live well for you must one day die!

3-Nothing with God is more than everything without God!!!

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