Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Jesus taught a pattern for prayer not a rote one.

I decided through prayer that we will finish our study of the prayer “lead us not into temptation” next week. I also decided through prayer to do a message on Noah before we go to 2nd Thessalonians. A movie will be released next month about Noah starring Russell Crowe and so let’s be prepared for the discussions to follow. Movies of course will always be different from a book and of course nothing will ever be the same as THE BOOK (The Word of God)!

And so, let us open THE BOOK as we continue to learn how to pray from our Lord Jesus. Let’s look again at Matthew 6…..

We have learned so far that God is patiently anticipating our prayers to Him. God is like the father of the prodigal son, everyday looking for the return his son. We should be as eager to pray as God is so eager to hear from us! God is always waiting for us!

We also learned that we are to pray without babbling. Jesus taught us how to pray in Matthew 6 and Luke 11, not reciting rote prayers, but have thoughtful, interacting conversations with God. Jesus gave us the pattern on how to pray.

Look again with me Matthew 6:7-15….

Now turn to Luke 11:1-4….

As we combine the 2 prayer lessons, we note that we are not to pray this prayer repetitively but it is to be a Pattern for our Prayers! How should we pray? Let us learn and follow this pattern of prayer Jesus taught.

Our prayers must begin with the right address! How important is it to have the right address for our prayers? Have you ever received a phone call and they would say, “can I talk to Katerina?” and you would say, I’m sorry I think you have the wrong number. Isn’t it interesting that you’re the one sorry when someone else made a mistake? /then you get another call and they say again “can I talk to Katerina?” I don’t know about you, but that would be when I just click my phone off.

And have you ever been to prayer meeting and the first thing that comes out is a prayer for Aunt Bertha or some other request? If prayer is communication with God, then we must first address our prayers correctly! When you and I pray, are we really connecting with to the One and Only True God?

Jesus tells us to start our prayers by addressing God as Father. I find it interesting that the original Greek word for father here is not Abba but pater which means the origin of everything! And so, when we start our prayers correctly with the address Father, what we are saying is that we are talking to our Creator and we are the created! Yes, we can start our prayers with “Father”, but if we are following this prayer lesson from Jesus as a pattern for prayer, we really need to start our prayers with

1. Humility before the Creator God.

The second thing we need to note in our prayer is the character of God. Jesus tells us that our Father God is in heaven, his name is hallowed, and He has a Kingdom! First of all, what does it mean that God is in heaven??

Our God is beyond this earth and is in a perfect eternal place! And God’s name is hallowed! What does that mean? Now, don’t confuse hallowed with Hollywood! But in a way, this is one way to remember what hallowed means; it is the complete opposite of what Hollywood stands for! Hallowed means set apart in holiness!

And when we pray thy Kingdom come on earth means God has a kingdom beyond earth!

God rules over the vast universe we see! God rules beyond the universe we see!

And so, as we pray, we are first humble ourselves before God then,

2. Acknowledge where God is and His holiness and power!

The next thing we are to pray is Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. What does this mean? God has a Kingdom and it is expanding to this earth! How is God’s Kingdom going to expand on earth??

God’s Kingdom expands here on earth as people believe in Jesus Christ! Are you in God’s Kingdom? Believe in Jesus Christ today as your only Savior and Lord; do not be left behind in the opposite kingdom where demons will be.

When people leave earth, there will only be 2 places of eternity, God’s Holy heaven with all the angels or the ungodly place set for Satan, all the demons, and unbelievers. It is our personal choice, while were here on earth, where each one of us will end up; God has given us the choice to believe in Him, our Creator Jesus Christ.

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