Summary: Paul's Ministry to Believer and Unbelievers.

Key: Minister is the Key word of Romans 15:14-33

The Two Parts of Paul’s Ministry:

To Unbelievers— Vs. 14-22

To Believers—Vs. 23-33

The turning point for Paul—Acts 18:5-6

Keys to Paul’s Ministry:

The Message was the Gospel. Vs. 16a

The Motive was Glory to God. Vs. 17

The Miracles was by the power of the Holy Spirit. Vs. 19a

The Ministry Area from Jerusalem to all over Greece. Vs. 19b

The Method was to plant Churches. Vs. 20

Question: How can I have an Effective Ministry?

Vs. 14 “I myself am convinced, my brothers, that you yourselves are full of goodness, complete in knowledge and competent to instruct one another.” (NIV)

Key: Every Believer is a Minister!

An Effective Ministry Is:

1) Based on God’s Grace! Vs. 15b

Key: All ministry is based on grace!

2) Built on God’s Word! Vs. 16

Acts 20:32

Key: It is His Word that Builds you up!

3) Operated for God’s Glory! Vs. 17-18

Truth: All will follow a model!

Humility—is when you are honest about your weaknesses and your strengths in God’s gifts.

4) Performed in God’s Power not man’s Ingenuity. Vs. 19a

Question: How do you know if God is really working?

John 15:5

5) Planned according to God’s Purpose. Vs. 20-24a

Key: It is spiritual and strategic to plan!

6) Backed by God’s People! Vs. 25-33

Key: It is backed Financially and Prayerfully!

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