Summary: Paul addresses the challenge to his apostleship and authority.


1 Corinthians 2:1-5

INTRO: I can remember, as a young boy, going to the movies on Saturday to

watch the westerns showing. Most of the time you could tell the good guys from the bad guys. The good guys always wore white hats, and the bad guys wore black hats. But this was not always true. Sometimes you were fooled, because the director knew the audience would be expecting the good guys to be wearing a white hat.

Paul’s preaching, like his authority had been questioned. He is now showing that the character of his preaching, teaching, and conduct in Corinth was 100% in accordance to the Gospel, and God’s purpose for his life. Also the purpose of preaching the Gospel. He shows that the Gospel does not depend upon human wisdom.


A. Paul’s message is a simple message (v. 1).

1. Not with excellency of speech.

2. Not with wisdom.

a. Look at 1:17. The Greeks stumbled not only at the content,

but also the method of the Gospel.

b. Some people stumble today at the method of the Gospel.

B. Paul preached Christ (v. 2).

1. Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

a. The only way for the remission of sin.

b. This is not popular with some preachers today.

2. If the Incarnation was hard for them to accept, what about

this doctrine of the crucifixion?


A. With you in weakness, fear, and trembling (v. 3)

1. Not fear for his life.

2. Humility before God — God can use a humble Christian.

3. In v. 2, Paul, in effect, says: "I’m not going to be your

debater — trying to win arguments."

B. Not with Enticing Words and Wisdom (v. 4).

1. Paul was an educated man — a Pharisee to the Pharisees.

a. Remember the passage in Acts 17, where Paul was debating

at Mars Hill.

b. Illustration of friend who made the statement that he had

graduated from college and seminary so he could preach the

way he wanted to and no-one could call him ignorant.

2. Paul’s implication is: "Had I have spoken like Apollos or Pe

ter, you would not have believed."

3. What about preachers that play upon the emotions of their


C. Your faith should not be in man’s wisdom (v. 5).

1. Don’t believe because of the wisdom of certain men.

2. Believe because of God’s power.

CONC: Paul is talking about being mature. How do we help a child to mature?

1. By giving protection.

2. By giving the necessities.

3. By instruction.

4. By showing love and affection.

God gives all of this and more too. Use the illustration of a retarded child and the special love the parent shows for the child.

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