Summary: There is a cure for sin, and Paul was relentless in giving the remedy to all he encountered. Are you?

Paul lived a very powerful life. Responsible for writing most of the NT, he took the news of Jesus Christ into the world with a passion and attitude more fitting a soldier than a pastor! You talk about amped??? You couldn’t keep this guy down! You could beat him, flog him, throw him in stocks, imprison him, humiliate him, spit on him, you could kill people that he loved, you could take him within an inch of his life, and he would still be talking about Jesus.

Most of us, when we think of Paul, we think of a mighty soldier, brawny, Charlton Heston-y….somebody that was intimidating in appearance. Historians tell us otherwise. It is widely believed that Paul was extremely short!

Lauren comes out (funny)

He was frail, possibly nearsighted, balding, plain looking. Paul speaks of his own frail body a few times in the bible! Yet…he led the disciples in taking the world for Jesus, starting Christianity through the work of Christ, all the while setting up church after church in city after city, as hundreds of thousands gave their lives to Jesus…all while constantly being persecuted and afflicted!!

This letter Paul writes back to his dear friends in Philippi has such a unique tone to it. It’s tender, passionate, personal….Paul really loved these people, and they loved him. They had constantly blessed him through his ministry by helping him any way they could, though Paul rarely ever excepted financial support, he got recharged by what was happening in the hearts of these people back in Philippi.

So he writes them…he starts by giving them a heart felt greeting, lets them know he’s praying for them, and quickly reminds them that they can have confidence in God that God will complete what He had started. V6

Let’s break this one down. Even though Paul was undoubtedly chained to a Roman soldier at the very moment he penned this…this letter is oozing with joy!

Our circumstance does not equal our amount of joy. Most people’s source of joy is external… good things need to happen in order for them to be happy. As a Christian, our source of joy is internal! It comes from Christ!

Be encouraged he says, God is in COMPLETE control! HE is the one responsible for starting your church, HE is the one who gives you knowledge and understanding, HE is the one who provides eternal salvation to all who call on His name… HE has a plan for your church, for your life, for your eternity…He’s not going to let you go, RELAX!!! Be filled with joy, live your life with the confidence that NOTHING will stop God Himself from

1-guiding you

2-protecting you

3-leading you

4-perfecting you

God will finish what He started! His church will never be wiped out! His children will never be lost and alone! His paintings are never left half finished, and HIS plans will NEVER leave us insufficient!!!!!!

Now that gets me fired up!!! Talk about amped?!?!?

God is saying, Through Paul…take it easy…I’ve go this! You’re not perfect, but I can use you!

The church isn’t a place for perfect people. If this is your perception…let it go, or you’re going to be eternally disappointed. Church is more of a hospital for those who are sick and want the cure.

Paul was incessantly focused on that cure!!!!! That cure drove him! It impassioned him! His fight for the cure for the sickness of man (sin) organized the revolution that Jesus Christ had given His life for! Christianity was born out of that cure….

It’s a thing called the gospel.

That’s what this message is entitled.

What exactly is “the gospel” ?

I’d be a horrible preacher if I didn’t clearly explain what Paul was living, and dying for! The gospel!

Understand first, that scripture tells us THE ONLY way to get into heaven is through Jesus Christ. You must have a personal relationship with Him! Being good isn’t good enough.

The gospel is a clear explanation that Jesus died for the sins of man, that He is God and that He paid the price for our salvation. It’s not just an explanation, it’s also an invitation! A given opportunity to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior! In doing so , the assurance is there in scripture, you are guaranteed eternal life in Heaven with the Creator!!!

Placing your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is step one…

Paul was so dedicated to this gospel that even in his worst times of affliction and imprisonment, people came to Christ all over the place…everyone in the prison and palace guard knew exactly why he was there (v13) because he preached the gospel!!

Do People know exactly why you’re here? Do they know what your faith is all about, or are you exactly like them? Do they know what your faith is made of?

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