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Summary: This is a sermon from Colossians Bible Study

Paul’s Pastoring Through His Letter

To The Church At Colosse

Text: Colossians 2:1-8

Introduction: Though Paul was not actually in the presence of those to whom he was writing, he did, however, exhibit a pastorial concern for the congregation that comprised the church at Colosse. He also had a course for them to follow, and a caution for them to heed.

I. Paul’s concern for the church. (vs. 1-3)

A. His concern was certainly great. (vs. 1)

1. He wanted them to know how much. (vs. 1a)

2. He wanted them to know how many. (vs. 1b)

B. His concern was certainly Godly. (vs. 2-3)

1. He wanted them to be comforted totally in their hearts. (vs. 2a)

2. He wanted them to be committed together in all holiness. (vs. 2b-3)

II. Paul’s course for the church. (vs. 4-7)

A. He wanted them to be watchful along the way. (vs. 4-5)

1. Watching their mind. (vs. 4)

2. Watching their manner. (vs. 5)

B. He wanted them to be walking in the way. (vs. 6-7)

1. Walking in Christ. (vs. 6)

2. Walking on course. (vs. 7)

III. Paul’s caution to the church. (vs. 8)

A. He told them to beware of the wicked traditions. (vs. 8a)

1. Their teachings would cause loss. (vs 8a)

2. Their teachings would consist of lies. (vs. 8a)

B. He told them to beware of the wordly traps. (vs. 8b)

Note: These traps are erroneous relgious traps made up of subtle, deceptive teachings. To avoid these "rudiments" of teaching, one must be very knowledgeable of real truth.

Conclusion: Paul warns and Paul encourages the church at Colosse. He exhibits also a strong love for the people. He offers a great pattern for pastors to emulate.

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