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Summary: This is a sermon from Colossians Bible Study.

Paul’s Praising In His Letter

To The Church At Colosse.

Text: Colossians 1:15-29

Introduction: A church that is void of praise is a dying church. Paul praises three things in this section. He praises the Creator, the cross, and the church.

I. Paul praises the work of the Creator. (vs. 15-19)

1. The character over the creation. (vs. 15)

2. The completeness of the creation. (vs. 16)

3. The control over the creation. (vs. 17a)

4. The cementing agent of the creation. (vs.1 7b)

5. The church in the creation. (vs. 18a)

6. The crowning of the creation. (vs. 18b-19)

II. Paul praises the way of the cross. (vs. 20-22a)

1. The peace of the cross. (vs. 20-22a)

a. The blood was shed. (vs. 20-21)

b. The body was sacrificed. (vs. 22a)

2. The presentation of the cross. (vs. 22b)

a. To present one holy and unblamable. (vs. 22b)

b. To present one holy and unreprovable. (vs. 22b)

3. The preaching of the cross. (vs. 23)

a. Is necessary for one to be grounded. (vs. 23a)

b. Is necessary for one to receive the gospel. (vs. 23b)

III. Paul praises the witness of the church. (vs. 24-29)

1. The persecution of the church. (vs. 24)

a. Paul suffered for the believers of Christ. (vs. 24a)

b. Paul suffered for the body of Christ. (vs. 24b)

2. The period of the church. (vs. 25-26)

a. Was ministered to by Paul. (vs. 25)

b. Was manifested by Paul. (vs. 26)

3. The purpose of the church. (vs. 27-29)

a. To preach that men might be perfect in Christ Jesus. (vs. 27-28a)

b. To teach that men might be perfect in Christ Jesus. (vs. 28b-29)

Conclusion: May we each be mindful of the many things that we should praise God for.


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