Summary: This is the first of two messages from 1 Tim. 6 on Money and our walk with Christ. It deals with: I. Godless teachings on money. II Regardless of the amount of money we have we are to live in Godliness with contentment. III. Greed can become god.

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1 Timothy 6:3-10


1.) Over the past several weeks, we have seen many powerful teachings on many subjects in this letter of 1 Timothy.

2.) Today, and next week I want us to see some more very valuable teachings in regards to the very touchy subject of money and how it affects our relationship with God.


1.) Paul had to deal with false doctrines that did not agree with the sound teaching of Scripture. (Verse 3)

A.) False teaching is nothing new in this epistle of 1Timothy.

aa.) Paul has already dealt with many topics where false teaching and false teachers had come into the church.

B.) One thing that is perhaps new is that John says such a one is conceited and understands nothing. (verse 4)

ba.) In other words, the doctrinal problem at hand is because a person is too full of himself and his own desires to see what God and God’s Word has to say for his life.

bb.) This in itself, is a clue to us that the issue Paul is about to address is one which comes from man’s pride, and putting himself above God.

C.) He has an unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels about words.

ca.) One thing we can at times see in a church is that some people will be ready to be involved in what Paul has described as controversies, and quarrels about words.

cb.) Whenever you find that in the church, you almost always will also find that the person or persons responsible for such a state within the church nearly always have a personal agenda they want to advance.

cba.) They are individuals seeking to be glorified themselves, rather than to give glory to God.

cbb.) As Paul was writing to Timothy and the Christians in Ephesus there were some in that church who were looking at self insteadof


D.) Apparently, some of these false teachings were in regards to Christians and money.

2.) There was the false teaching that Godliness is a means to financial gain.-- 1Tim. 6:5

A.) We have heard of that teaching today, but have thought it was a new problem that has come into the church in our lifetime.

aa.) We have all heard some of the radio and TV preachers promoting a health, and wealth gospel.

aaa.) This is not to say that all of the preachers on the TV or radio are corrupt. Certainly many of them are very good and Godly men of faith.

ab.) None the less, there are individuals I have heard in media whose motivation and direction of life I have in my mind questioned as to where they are.

ac.) I have heard sermons and individuals proclaim that if you are living for God, that you should be able to expect the blessings of God financially in your life, and that if your faith and life are so anchored in Jesus Christ that you will be in perfect health, etc.

ad.) Some of these same individuals will go on to state that if you do not have wealth, and if you do not have health that there is something wrong in your walk with Jesus Christ.

B.) Yet when we look here at 1 Timothy we find this is not what the Scripture is stating.

ba.) Rather, this health and wealth gospel is a false doctrine.

bb.) The fact that this has been in the church since the early years of the Christian faith in the first century does not make it to be true.

bb.) It is a teaching that sounds wonderful, but it is no less a lie of Satan today, than it was over 2,000 years ago.

bba.) Even though it is, and always has been a lie, it is also a popular teaching that many promote, and many others like to believe.

C.) God’s desire for our lives is not that we seek to serve Him because we think that by doing so He is going to make us rich or healthy.

ca.) God’s desire is that we will come to Him from the love and devotion within our hearts and lives in sincerity regardless if God chooses to bless either our finances or health.

cb.) When we can come to God seeking Him for who he is, and for that alone, we are content.

cba.) Our joy is that the blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed us from all sin.


-- 1 Timothy 6:6

1.) The general principal of God with money is that Godliness with contentment is great gain.

A.) The teaching of Scripture is that regardless of your financial status in life, you are to seek God, and to put your trust completely in Him alone.

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