Summary: This message highlights the fact that Jesus will reward his people at his coming.

Pay Day

Pastor Larry D. Kettle

Have you ever wondered why people drive on a parkway and park on a driveway? There have been many “Geniuses” who have produced brainchildren and bright ideas. (Most of them now work for the government)

Labor day is a bright idea. Honoring the American Worker is worthwhile. We owe a lot to our hard working laborers both union and non-union. Labor Day is actually the brainchild of Labor Unions. The practice of setting aside a day to honor workers began in 1882 in New York City. In 1894 Congress made Labor Day a Federal Holiday.

I do find it ironic that Labor Unions now oppose states having right to work laws. It goes to show that man can take a bright idea and put a dimmer switch on it! The title of this Holiday always intrigued me as a child. “I asked my mother once why they called it “Labor Day” if everybody just took off from work?” She offered me the chance to work if I wanted to; I wisely declined.

Really, the day should be called “Lazy day”, “Lake day”, Lounge day” or if you get presented with a “honey-do” list; “look forward to going back to work so you can rest day!” Most of us like the idea of being able to get paid for a day that we don’t work. (Some only wish we could be so fortunate.) I don’t know about you, but I am glad to see “pay day” come, especially if there is any “Pay” left at the end of “paying the bills day”!

Did you know that Heaven has an economy and that Jesus is in charge of a payroll? The Bible teaches us that there will be a day of reward and a day of judgment. Have you ever had someone that owes you money promise, “to catch up with you later?” Be assured that Jesus will “catch up” with all of us. Be doubly assured that he will pay us our wages. He is a “Rewarder” as much as He is Savior, Healer, Baptizer, and Coming King. Everyone will receive what is deserved when the day comes.

Have you noticed how time flies? Pressure makes it fly faster; just ask a “student procrastinator” who is cramming for the next test, or a child who is stuffing their britches full of padding while they wait for “their dad to come home!” Anticipation, on the other hand, can make time seem to stand still. Looking forward to something can make a clock and calendar watcher out of you. If we are looking forward to a reward we usually find that time moves too slow. If we are dreading retribution or quaking in fear of possible failure we feel the pressure of time flight. Some people dread meeting their Maker. Other people have a nonchalant attitude about the day of Christ’s coming. The day of His coming is not a day to dread nor is it a day to shrug your shoulders at; it is a day to get ready for! Jesus is coming soon, and Christians, we need to get ready. I am not talking about whether or not you will make the rapture. I am talking about being prepared for the judgment seat of Christ. Lets take a closer look at what Jesus says to John in Revelation 22: 12-13.

Revelation 22: 12-13

• 12 “Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. 13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Now, lets take a closer look. Understanding definitions is important; so let’s unpack this verse by examining the Greek words in verse 12. Behold I am coming soon. Behold (horao) be in attendance- “Just because the lights are on doesn’t mean anyone is home!” Pay attention – Being in attendance doesn’t automatically mean that you are paying attention. There are many people who have attended churches where the word of God has been proclaimed faithfully, yet they didn’t really pay attention. Some people are too poor to pay attention. Jesus described these people in Revelation chapter 2 as He referred to the Laodecian Church. He talked about how they are rich in “this world’s goods, and they have need of nothing.” My Dad used to tell me that “I couldn’t see for looking!” He wanted me to understand that the power of observation was the key to promotion. This is true in the arena of the spirit as well. The parables of the talents and the minas teach us that Jesus rewarded the observant investor whereas He rebuked the stubborn and fearful “hoarder”. Jesus wants his church to open spiritual eyes and see what He wants us to focus on. And, he wants us to get with the program because time is running out!

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