Summary: Please Be Pateient With Me God Is Not Finished Me Yet. Part 1 in a series on Philippians.

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“I love my work, but I can’t stand the people I work with?”

- People are difficult; complain & criticize

- Trusted friends can betray you

- Family members leave you out of the loop

- Authority figures snub you

 Robinson Crusoe (island) Daniel Defoe

 “Though I don’t like the crew, I won’t sink the ship. In fact, in time of storm I’ll do my best to save it. You see, we are all in this craft and must sink or swim together.”

- Paul was a type-A personality (bottom-line, goals over people)

AD 21 The Persecutor

AD 35 Conversion to Christ on the road to Damascus

- User of people to a lover of people

AD 61 In jail writing Philippians

How To Enjoy the People in Your Life…

1. Thank God for People

1:3 Paul thanked God for people he knew

- Arrested illegally, whipped, humiliated, in prison

- Paul remembered the people

2. Become a Team

1:5 He remembered the partnership

1:1-2 The lineup

- They stood side by side with one another

- Partnership = koinonia

Team = a group of people w/ complimentary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance, goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.

- Together Everyone Accomplishes More

3. Be Patient with People

1:6 Looked at their future and their past

- He was focused on the potential

- God starts and God finishes

- Past, present, & Future = God is working

Please Be Patient God Is Not Finished With Me Yet

“I believe in you”

- Got a long way to go, but you have come so far already

4. Love People from Your Heart

1:7-8 If they are not in our hearts they are on our nerves

 Mary Martin

- When we will really love people, we all change

5. Pray for People

1:4 He prayed for all of them

- Folks can’t resist prayer

- Resist our advice, spurn our appeals, reject our suggestions


1. Love will Abound

- Like an overflowing glass of water

2. Knowledge will Enlighten

- Deep relationship with God

3. Discernment will Clarify

- Look carefully at the world around them

4. Righteousness will Produce

- Be fruitful in God’s work

5. God’s Glory will Magnify

- Enhance God’s reputation in this world


- People do matter!!!!

- They are more important than numbers and programs

- Church is not based on ministries but on relationships

- What do you miss about Alum Creek?? The People

- Why do we love VBS? People

- Why do we get angry & discouraged? People

- Who does God want us to love? People

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