Summary: If you find the peace that God gives, you will be stronger in the midst of trials.

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*(slide 1)Peace be with you!

Luke 24:36-53

FCF: People have doubts and troubled mind.

Proposition: If you find the peace that God gives, you will be stronger in the midst of trials.

Relevant ? Where can we get this peace?


Illu: I was strolling in a mall, when I caught up with the band playing rock songs... I was in higher level to see the whole concert. From there, I observed the band playing loud music, and the young people are in front of the band jumping, swaying, singing, and shouting.

In the midst of screaming and chaos, I saw a girl embracing a sleeping baby. While the mother goes with the sway of the crowd, the baby is still sleeping despite the noise, and the disorder.

The baby seems to have peace in the midst of turmoil.

(Will you tell your neighbor, “Do you have peace?”)

*(Slide 2)Proposition: If you find the peace that God gives, you will be stronger in the midst of trials.


1. Not all of us have peace. In fact all of us here, one way or the other, are clamoring for peace.

2. Just by going outside our homes, we fear, because of trouble.

3. For the students. Does anybody bullying?

4. In your job, in your home, in your neighborhood, with our economy, our government, etc.

5. Do we have peace? (pause)


1. But the peace that God gives us is everlasting peace.

2. If we have this peace it gives us the confidence to go on.

3. It is a peace of hope and prepares us to be peacemaker.

Relevant ? Where can we get this peace?

*(Slide 3)Read: Luke 24: 36-53


The disciples do not know yet Jesus has risen. They gather together in “locked doors.”

Why do they have to lock their door?

Maybe they are afraid of something? Maybe they are afraid that the Pharisees will be after them.

The whole faith has crumbled. Jesus died, now what?

The emotions at that time are confusion, fear, and uncertainty.

Have you had that feeling before?

So they locked doors fearing for their lives. They talk to each other, maybe in whispering voice...

At that time they need somebody, they need assurance, and they need peace.

Where can they find peace? (pause)

All of a sudden, Jesus himself stood among them and said, “Peace be with you.” (v38)

They were startled and frightened, “It’s a ghost!”


*(slide 4)Relevant ? Where can we get this peace?

I. You can find peace in Jesus, because he has risen! (vv37-39)

a. They have seen him physically.

1. Do not doubt ... see my hands and feet.

2. Do not doubt... touch me and see for your own eyes.

Illu: Dont believe until I see

Sometimes we a have this notion that, “We dont believe until we see.”

“To see is to believe.”

Then sometimes, we don’t believe what we see, “Please pinch me , pinch me.”

“I don’t believe Im here in US, pinch me!”

Application: Jesus showed himself to them to prove his resurrection. This is very important theological proof for the disciples and even for us today. If he has not risen all of our faith would be useless. Its kaput! (pause)

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