Summary: The greatest tool to win others to Christ is the peace that only God can give. Peace that allowed petter to sleep even though the in a few hours he was to be killed, even though he was in an uncomfortable situation he could sleep.

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Acts 12:1-11

Intro: The Church was growing by leaps and bounds, God was blessing. So the devil came a messing.

Persecution had fallen on the church, and Herod killed James and because it pleased the Jews, he sought to kill Peter. But God, had other plans.

How can we go through uncomfortable situations and have peace?

T.S. Every person saved and lost needs the peace that only God can give to make through.

I. There were some prayers sent up. V. 5&12

A. I wonder how many pray.

1. For you Pastor, for the leaders, for each other.

2. For leadership of the country, military, family members

3. Wives for husbands, husbands for wives

4. Mom, Dad do pray for you children, children for mom and dad

B. I want to notice this was no normal meeting.

1. No, it was not just dinnertime and they said A prayer

2. They didn’t come together to just do their duty

3. They met together to pray, without ceasing.

4. They prayed until something happened. (P.U.S.H)

C. Their prayers were heard. (James 5:16) The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

1. It’s good to know you got some people that can get a prayer through.

2. It’s even better to know that you can get one through.

II. He knew he was in God’s will v.1-3

A. He was in prison but he hadn’t stole anything, killed anyone

B. He had not broken the law or done wrong

C. He was serving God

D. He was growing the church, and God was blessing it.

E. When your in God’s will you can rest knowing He has got your back

III. He trusted God v. 6-11

A. Possibly the night before he was going to be killed, and he slept.

1. Not just napping, (The angel had to hit him on the side)

2. Physically and mentally uncomfortable but, he slept

B. In what seemed to be hopeless, He slept

1. In prison, Chained to two guards hand and foot, but he slept.

2. Sentenced to die, no escape in sight, but he slept.

3. He had done all he could, so he gave it to God and God gave him rest.

Conclusion: Maybe there is someone here today who can’t get no peace, no rest in their situation.

You will not get peace until you make up your mind, to stop worrying, stop losing sleep, stop getting mad, angry, and frustrated, stop crying, stop murmuring, stop complaining, and GIVE YOUR SITUATION, TO GOD!

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