Summary: wavering mind takes away your blessings but the faith in God brings glory in life and peace in the mind

Isaiah 26:1-4

“Perfect Peace for all”

By Rev. Andrew B Natarajan

The Chapters 25 and 26 are the songs of the devotees of YHWH.

V.1 That Day

Refers to the days of Christ who shall be the gate into heaven and also the gate into fullness of life; wealthy life with all prosperity and health life with all healings (Jn. 10:9-10). The present Babylon of the exiles refugee camps, the rocky places and the strong holds of the enemies will be leveled to the ground. Human pride and the strength are nothing before God. Our abilities, our skills and our mighty things are like chaff and straw. It will be destroyed by no time. Only the Salvation of God, the fortress of God stands forever.

The Book of Revelation talks about the City of God which has no tears, no death and no Lamentations and no troubles(Rev.21:4) because God, the Immanuel dwells with them(Rev.21:3).

v.3 The man with unwavering mind

The human mind is made with the capacity to think, plan, evaluate matters. It looks into the future, it looks back into the past. It brings a kind of fear, uncertainties and future as bleak. The fear of self existence, the fear of future job, the fear of future of Children etc., these kinds of fear leads to wavering mind. The wavering mind gets nothing (Jas. 1:6-8).

It means unwavering in faith and belief. Believing in God means believing in His existence, in His justice, in His power, in His mercy, in His grace and in all His qualities, the Omnipotence.

Perfect Peace

Such a person will be kept in peace; in perfect peace, the inward peace, the outward peace, the peace with God, the peace of conscience, the peace at all times, and in all events(Mathew Henry).

The perfect peace is beyond all understanding, beyond all ups and downs, it is irrespective of health, wealth and life situations (Phil. 4:7), given by the Prince of Peace(Is 9:6), the peace which the world cannot give(Jn. 14:27).

V. 4. Trust in YHWH

Jesus was the rock who went with them during their wilderness journey(I Cor.10:4). On this Rock we build our lives, on this rock God built his Church, on this rock if we stand nothing can shake us(Mt 7:24-28).

YHWH is great and he is the almighty, creator, sustainer and Judge of the world. He never changed. He never betrays anyone. He is the Solid rock forever and ever.

Lord JEHOVAH--Hebrew, JAH(the eternal unchangeable One) and JEHOVAH(the rock of ages). Here the unison of these two names expresses the highest degree of God's qualities of love and power. The other verses in Ps.68:4, Is.12:2,Ex.6:3,Ps.83:17.

‘YHWH is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and he knows those who put their trust in him.’ (Nah 1:7)

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