Summary: Peacemakers do something to improve the situation.

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Title: Peacemaker

Text: Matthew 5:9

Truth: Peacemakers do something to improve the situation.

Aim: To motivate them to be responsible to improve the situation.


Write this down: “Do something to make the situation better.”

You now have the definition and description of a peacemaker. Some here this morning have a relationship in your family or friends that is broken or harmed. Do something to improve the situation. Others have a habit or addiction that causes them guilt. Do something to improve the situation. Some are stuck in a life situation that leaves them sad and hopeless. This is not what you envisioned for your life. Do something about it. You name the trouble and the difference between those who are blessed and those who are cursed is that the blessed is a peacemaker. He does something to improve the situation.

Wanda was 50 years old. She flew to the home of her son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren and gave herself a birthday party. Then because a neighbor was ill and she was concerned about her, she hurried home.

On a long airplane flight, most people will speak politely to their seatmates. Wanda was no exception. As she talked about her birthday party, she said, “This was a very special trip for me because the doctors say I have less than 90 days to live.”

Then she explained that she had had cancer for ten years and had been operated on nine times. The doctors wanted to perform a tenth surgery, but she said, “Nine is quite enough.”

Wanda had been employed throughout her ten-year battle with cancer. She began by volunteering at a nursing home. After a while, the administration at the home began to pay her. Just two months before her birthday party, state inspectors said no one could do that job unless they had four years of college. Wanda had dropped out of high school after the first year.

It did not matter that she had been performing the job above standard for almost ten years. She did not meet the standard job qualifications, so she was fired.

“That’s all right,” she said, “they were ten great years. I made many friends. It was a happy time. And, besides, if you know the rules, you must follow them. So they were correct to let me go.”

“Your son must have married young for you to have grandchildren already, “ her traveling companion remarked.

“Actually, he’s 34,” Wanda said. “I got married when I was 15. Both of my foster parents died within 24 hours of each other and it was the only way to avoid going to another home.”

Just before the flight ended, Wanda said, “My husband left before our son was two. I’ve had a hard life, but it has been a very, very good life.”

“How do you feel about dying?” her friend asked.

“I love living,” Wanda said. “Life has been beautiful. But I am not afraid, because as a very small child, I found peace.” (David Sisler, Lifeway)

It is rare to find someone who can say honestly, “I have had a beautiful life. It is because I have inner peace.” But this is the promise, this is the blessing, Jesus offers peacemakers.

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