Summary: Inspiration for those who want a life changing encounter/experience with the Almighty.

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ILLUSTRATION: My grandfather Ken is sitting with us in the church today. For years, he’s been involved in one form of ministry or another at several churches. One day, he waited at the altar in a church to pray with anyone who needed prayer when a little boy came forward. The young man asked for prayer, and after they were finished, the boy had another question.

He looked up at my grandfather and asked, “Isn’t there something more?”

Isn’t there something more than this? Isn’t there something more than just status-quos religion?


? Why are you in church today?

When you ask people, “Why do you come to church,” you get some interesting answers…

Some people say, “I was raised in church. I’ve gone to church since I was a little kid…”

But their faith is a stale as a loaf of dry bread… Why do they go to church if religion is so boring?

Some people go because their parents make them go. Some because they think it’s the right thing to do… They feel guilty for not coming, or their spouse insists that they come, so they suffer through to keep the peace in their family…

But, if the church is really a place where people can meet God and discover new things, and experience Him in new and exciting ways, shouldn’t we be coming to church for better reasons than those?

This morning, I want you to know, the primary reason we meet here at Valley Community church is because we’ve encountered God in a unique and powerful way here. We know when people come together to worship God wholeheartedly, that He reveals Himself in powerful ways.

His presence manifests itself here in a special way when we gather together, so we come to meet Him, to spend time with Him, and to experience Him in ways like we have before…

Most of all, we’re here because we want more of the power of God, more of the grace of Jesus Christ at work in our lives. We want a life changing experience with the Almighty.

People come to church for a lot of reasons today, but I’ll bet if people came to church for a life changing encounter with God, to seek Him wholeheartedly, then we would see Him move among us in ways unlike we’ve ever seen before.

Are you tired of the status-quos religious life?

Are you thirsty for a real experience with God?

If so, then today is your day… Today is all about experiencing the rest of what God has for your life.


It’s Pentecost Sunday: a day of new revelations of God, a day when ordinary believers became extraordinary history makers for the Kingdom of Heaven… A day when people came together to experience the rest of what God had for their life, and the result was a life-changing encounter with God that literally transformed their way of living from that day forward.

At least 120 of believers in Jesus Christ gathered together to wait for the fulfillment of a promise: the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised, “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you;” Acts 1:8

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