Summary: This is a call to become the Church God desires!

As we perpared to enter into the most sacred sunday of the year,

Pemtecost Sunday, I want to write to say a few things:

I belive the Holy Spirit is calling us to lay down doctrinal and

practical differences so the Church as a whole can begin to cry out

as one voice for revival. On the Day of Penecost, in the upper room

they were in "one accord" We need to become one church and no there

the Baptist stream and the Assemblies of God stream. We cant no

longer be the Methodist stream and the Apostlic stream. We must let

the streams of life we all represent become one mighty river flooding

the lands with revival fire. God is not as concerned with our

theology as He is with our love for one another. We need to lay down

things that are not important to salvation. IT doesnt really matter

whether or not you believe in "once saved alway saved" or if you

believe in "speaking in tongues" or not. It really doesnt matter if

you rolled on the floor luaghing in His presence or you stand with

hands lifted him in awe of Him. The last thing John records in

Revelation is this "The Spirit and the Bride say come..." It didn’t

say the baptist bride or the pentecostal bride but simply the Bride.

Thats means we MUST unite as one Bride crying out for the Return of

the Lord.

I believe the Holy Spirit is calling us back to the original calling

of the church: "Tell them that the kingdom is here. Bring health to

the sick. Raise the dead. Touch the untouchables. Kick out the demons.

[The Message] What was God’s will then is God’s will NOW. NOW Faith

is! NOW is the day of salvations. We are to going to the marketplaces

with the power of the Kingdom healing the sick, casting out demons,

raising the dead, and saving the lost. The mantle that was released

onto these men is being released upon the church today. We have a

mandate from heaven to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. On this

Sunday, we are the Church as the Bride need to ask the Father to

Baptize us with a new anointing to take the gospel of Jesus saves,

heals, and delivers to the nations.

I believe the Holy Spirit is calling the Church to begin to walk in

the bridal idenity it is designed to walk in. The heart of the Father

is passionate in love with humanity. The desire of his heart is for

humanity to return the love to Him. The reason God heals the sick and

frees the oppressed is no groom wants his bride sick and messed up.

God didnt give us a list of do’s and dont’s for any reason except for

he longs for us to become the pure spotless bride for his son, Jesus.

I believe we as the Church need to ask Jesus to get us a revelation

of the Bridegroom/ Bride relationship as he sees it.

TOMORROW is Pentecost Sunday!

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