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Summary: A message on the inportance of pentecostal priorities, and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit


What Is a Pentecostal Assembly?

This question could be asked concerning any church, Like what is a Baptist Church? I suppose the answer could be “A Baptist church is a Christian church where the people believe in Christian Baptism by immersion, and a church where believers are baptized by immersion. If in such a church there were considerable periods of time during which no one was baptized The logical question would be why?

If in a country like Canada there ere several hundred Baptist Churches, and if there was not an average of one baptism by immersion per church each year, it could be considered a serious situation.

What is a Pentecostal Assembly?

Receiving the Experience.

A Pentecostal assembly is an assembly of Christian Believers who, in addition to their emphasis on the necessity of the new birth, also believe in the spiritual experience of the baptism with the Holy Spirit accompanied by speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance (acts 2:4)

It is an assembly where believers must receive this experience.

But if there are extended periods of time when no one was baptized with the Holy Ghost the logical question would be why?

that brings me to the burden that is on my heart. and a deep concern as well,: We are in danger of losing our Pentecostal heritage by neglect.

I realize that in this world in which we live ,constant vigilance is the price of survival.. This fact is shown by events that take place every day. I do rejoice in the good reports of precious souls finding Christ as savior.

1. The Apostles at Jerusalem must have rejoiced when they were told that Samaria had received the Word of Go, and the new believers there had been baptized in the Name of Jesus. But they were concerned that these believers should also be baptized with the Holy Spirit. So they sent forth Peter and John who when they were come down prayed for them thaT THEY MIGHT RECEIVE THE Holy Ghost AND WHEN THEY LAID THEIR HANDS ON THEM, they received the Holy Ghost. The baptism with the Holy Spirit was a priority.

(Acts 8:14-17.)

2. In Acts 19:2 Paul is at Ephesus, where he found certain disciples and asked them the question Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?) They could not testify to that spiritual experience. So after they were baptized in the name of Jesus Paul laid his hands on them and they Holy Ghost came upon them and they spoke with tongues and prophesied. The baptism with the Holy Ghost was a priority. It should be a priority in every Pentecostal church today.

“ I came across this article Written in June of 1984)” If the majority of our Assemblies ever come to the time when they do not have people receiving the baptism with the Holy Spirit month by month, It would be a tragedy”.

3. Taking Appropriate action.

We are told that in Samaria that Peter and John took appropriate action. In Ephesus, the Apostle Paul took appropriate action. We must take appropriate action today to make sure that our people receive the “Pentecostal baptism”. Many other activities are calling for attention in our local assemblies, but this is a priority. Otherwise we could lose our Pentecostal heritage by neglect.

An Illustration is given in the book of Leviticus (9:24) When everything was set in order according to divine instructions, there came a fire out from before the Lord and consumed upon the alter the burnt offering.

In Lev 6:13 We read that the fire shall ever be burning upon the alter;it shall never go out. Further instructions were given in Lev 6:10,12) The priests were instructed to clear away the ashes every morning. Failing to do this, the fire might die out. God had sent the fire from heaven. It was their responsibility to keep it burning.

God has given us the baptisim with the Holy Ghost and fire. Concerning Jesus, John the Baptist said ”He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire”. It is spiritual fire, It comes from heaven But we must keep it burning. This fire could go out if we neglect it.

4. Tarrying Meetings:

In the early days of the 20th century outpouring of the Holy Spirit there were regular tarrying meetings. Most times these prayer meetings were held in the church but sometimes in private homes as well. Many received the baptisim in home meetings like that.

Years gone by at the end of the Sunday night services the tarrying meeting would start where people waited on the Lord for the baptisim in the Holy Ghost. Much the same as they must have been doing on that memorable day of Pentecost.

People were constantly being filled with the Spirit. They tarrying meetings might have continued for hours.

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