Summary: This is the first part of a series on the book of Joshua. Moses is dead and it is time to get ready because God is moving His people over Jordan. They has been in the wilderness for forty years and one might think they were ready. It's time... three days!

INTRODUCTION: The book of Joshua begins the second major division in the English Bible known as the “Historical Books.” Much has happened in the lives of the Israelites. They have spent 400 years in bondage. Led by Moses, they have crossed the Red Sea. They have spent forty years wandering in the wilderness. Now, poised on the east side of the Jordan River the children of Israel have a new leader, Joshua. God tells Joshua that Moses has died and now it is time to take the land of promise. It is time to get the people ready because in three days they will be crossing Jordan! Are you tired of living in a land of just enough? Do you want to walk in the promises of God? In order to get ready you will need to have a clear understanding of three important factors that will help you make the journey into the land that flows with milk and honey!


I. The People of God.

God has made covenant with His people. Covenants don't seem to mean much anymore. However, God never backs away from His promises.

II. The Promise of God.

God promised Abraham that the Children of Israel would have a certain piece of land. This land would be flowing with milk and honey. In other words, it was and is a blessed land. In the New Testament it is not land that God has promised but the Holy Spirit.

III. The Presence of God.

God was with Moses and now God was with Joshua. With the presence of God comes provision. The mantle of leadership was now on Joshua and he had heard from God. Get the people ready because in three days we are crossing Jordan.

CONCLUSION: Perhaps you have relied upon Moses’ leadership to get you to this important place in your life. Moses has died. The mantle of responsibility now rests with you (Joshua). Get ready because you are going forward in three days. Be strong and courageous! The same God that has brought you this far will be with you all the way! Now, get ready!

Disclaimer: Sermons shared on this site have come from the author's personal sermon notes. Entries into the notebook have been from the author's personal study and various sources may have been considered. Where sources have been used the author tries to credit those sources. If any sources are not mentioned it is non-intentional. The author publishes on this site without compensation with the hope that sermons might be used as desired by others.

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