Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: None in this world can pat you on your back and cheer you, coax you, urge you, push you, embolden you, support you and stir you like the way our Heavenly dad does!

Pep talk!

Genesis 20:7”Now return the man's wife, for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you will live. But if you do not return her, you may be sure that you and all who belong to you will die."

“I have told them (Army men), don’t get killed, you kill the enemy so that a befitting lesson is taught to the enemy who dares to invade India’s borders,” the Defence Minister said, explaining the change in the motivational strategy for the Armed forces fighting insurgency on the border. (The Hindu, dated December 14, 2015)

You know what, I was charged by the above statement! Phew! Such should be the words of a leader to his men who are fighting in the front line! Pep talk of this nature fortifies sagging shoulders and enables one to run the extra mile with vigor and valor! Cheer up friend! Who said you cannot do it? Who said the enemy is stronger than you? Who said you are old to achieve this? Who said it is over? Never….God is on your side, you would accomplish great and mighty things through and for Him. Clap your hands and praise Him! Will you?

God looked at Abraham and said, ‘ he is my prophet’ at the most weakest stage of his life, while he was struggling with his faith and walk with God. While Abraham sheepishly lied and called his wife his sister; yet, unperturbed God never discouraged Abraham but was with him throughout the journey. Tell me now, which friend stays with you like this? None in this world can pat you on your back and cheer you, coax you, urge you, push you, embolden you, support you and stir you like the way our Heavenly dad does! I’m anointed as I write this! You want to know why, because my own people looked upon me as a person who wears her emotions on her sleeves, a person who just breaks down for nothing, a person who is weak, weepy, weedy and feeble, a person who is too proud to work for the poor and the ugly, abandoned by the world; yet, God snatched me from the plush, posh corridors of a multinational bank, put me on the greasy, rough, tough hot roads of Tamil Nadu villages and among the dirty, poor street children of Hyderabad, trusted me to wrestle while things looked bleak, uncertain and distant. I thank Him for the afflictions that has honed my skills, toned my faith and broken my pride!

When we have none to applaud, none to cheer and none to appreciate; yet, when we still keep doing things for God with commitment and determination, that’s when we have reached the stage of maturity in our life. We are having our half yearly examination in our school this week, yesterday was English exam, the subject that I teach my school children. I had coached them, taught them and also given them enormous tests on the subjects. I had spent several hours encouraging them with sweets, gifts and appreciation; yet, when the question sheets were distributed to the students, there were still few students who gave me a ‘blank’ look and wrote rubbish. Shocked, dismayed and frustrated I wondered what happened to ‘all’ that I did! I never gave up, though, I made them study again and write again! The exercise, the happenings of the day, did drain me emotionally, did deplete my energy; yet, I felt, God picked me for this job and trusted me to stay committed no matter what!

Never allow the enemy to kill your stamina, your energy and the chutzpa in you! Be audacious, tenacious and courageous!

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