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Saturday, March 04, 2006



Rev 2: 12 – 17

According to Church Age History it would extend from 312 AD – around 600 AD. Though it pictures these years of the Church Age it also has a great reflection of our day today.

At the time of Johns writing Pergamos was the capital of Roman Province of Asia, before being moved to Ephesus.

As Smyrna was the center for the worship of Zeus whom they proclaimed equal to the god Jupiter. Pergamos had an altar to Zeus and also a temple to goddess Athena and just outside the city was a shrine to the Greek god of medicine, Aesculapius, the symbol in the form of a servant.

The city was the center for idolatry and persecution of Christians.

The Church had not denied the faith. But they were not doing what they should.

Jesus declares Himself as having the sharp Two Edged Sword.

Hebrews speaks of this sword, the word of God. By having a 2 sharp edges it is able to cut on both sides.

This sword not only wins battles over all the enemies of the word, whether they be human or demonic, but that sword also is able to deal with the church in remaining faithful.

I believe reference to the sword in this text makes us to believe there needed to be some separation from sin.

As we will find about the Laodicean Church, Pergamos also was trying to play both sides.

The name Pergamos has in it the same root word that we get the word bigamy, a mixed multiple marriage.

Christianity was mixing with Balaam doctrine.

Where satans seat is, Pergamos became headquarters at this time for the Babylonian religion.

This church was caught up with materialism, self-indulgence; if it feels good do it and worldliness.

Go ahead and mix R-rated movies with Christian conduct.

Go ahead and Mix social drinking “”””””””””””””””””””

“”””””””””””””””””living together outside of marriage with Christian conduct.

“””””””””””””””” homosexual life style with Christian conduct.

Mark this down there is a sharp 2 edged sword that has something to say about that, REPENT

Before God brought victory to Joshua and Israel at Ai, God had to do some separating in the camp because of the accursed thing. Sin was in the camp.

1Pet 4:17 tells us judgment will began at the house of God, and at the Rapture this judgment will be clearly seen. Those that are ready will be taken and those with sin in their life will be left behind.

Pergamos, the sharp 2-edge sword has come to your church.

They had a faithful witness by name of Antipas who was killed for his testimony and it is believed that Emperor Nero ordered his death.

Pergamos was guilty of compromising the gospel with the doctrine of Balaam and Nicolaitans.

The church needed the Lords rebuke (2Ti 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.)

The sin of Balaam, Remember Balaam He was the man with a smart donkey. It is sad to be remembered because of your donkey.

Balaam first taught Balac it was ok to eat things offered to idols

2nd he taught it was ok to commit fornication

Balac hired Balaam to cruse Israel, but what Balac did not understand you can not cruse what God has blessed.

So they figured out other plan, King Balac would get all the pretty girls of Moab to entice the men of Israel and take part of the idolatrous, lustful, sinful feast in the name of religion now this was in the OT and here in the NT Jesus calls it fornication.

Looking at watching pornography is sinful.

You can not drink of the Lords cup and the cup of the devil and still be Christians.

Re 2:16 Repent; or else ………………

This is serious business, don’t close your eyes now and close your mind

Re 2:17 He that hath an ear,

let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches;

To him that overcometh

An overcomer is a true believer in Jesus. The overcomer will be given hidden manna (word of God) and presented with a white stone.

During OT and early NT court trails jurors would lay down a white stone for a decision of acquittal or a black stone for guilty verdict.

Praise God, through the Blood of Jesus white stones of acquittal have been presented for our sins and a new name was written down in glory.

(song new name written down in glory a sinner has come home)

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