Summary: Jesus stated explicity that the church in Pergamos was CONFIRMED,CORRUPTED and COUNSELED. He expected them to change and stand firm.

Revelation 2:12-17

Pergamos: The Compromising Church

Pergamos was approximately 100 miles north of Ephesus. Emperor worship was strong with Augustus, Trajan, Septimus Severus, Athçna, Zeus, Dionysius and the Asklepios. They were a center of culture, learning and emperor worship. They had prolific 200K volume library, second only to Alexandria. It was at Pergamum that parchment was invented out of necessity.

The Confirmed Church 12-13

Their dedication was strong. They were committed to Christ.

No matter the cost, they were devoted to God’s kingdom.

We also see that their doctrine was pure. They recognized spiritual heresy or Satan’s throne. They refused to stand down. T

hen we see that their determination was solid. In the face of adversity and death, they were sold-out! Jesus called Antipas a faithful martyr. All believers are encouraged to be faithful in all circumstances.

The Corrupted Church 14-15

However, Jesus had a few things against them.

First, they were Compromised. They compromised through idolatry. They added to God’s Word by syncretism. And they compromised through immorality.

Second, they were Contaminated. This was done through infidelity to God. God loves His children and is jealous for them. He demands our loyalty to Him alone.

The Counseled Church 16-17

As with every church that receives a rebuke, Jesus gives this church some words of encouragement.

He speaks of their Direction. They were going the wrong way. To repent means to change our direction. It means that we are to actively change our mind, heart, and will.

He also instructs them about their Duty. Our purpose is to overcome through Christ. He gives us the victory.

Then He talks about their Delight. He will give the overcomer’s some hidden manna and a white stone with a new name. Glory! What a blessing He is!

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