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Summary: A definition of personal holiness and discussion of what it means.

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Q11 What are God’s works of providence? A God’s works of providence are his most holy, wise, and power-ful preserving and gov-erning all his creatures, and all their actions.

2. It is understanding really that God is firmly in con-trol, and that all our plans are subject to divine veto or approval (James 4.13f)

3. It is really allowing God to be in control of our lives; and us working in concert with God to work our His plan.

4. God doesn’t make us do things against our wills, He changes our wills!


5. "God is the only person in the world who can control your life without destroy-ing it!"

6. So "submission to the will of God" means learning His will, understanding His ways, and yielding to His direction

E. "Character Like The Son of God"

1. Character is what we are really like

2. "In His Steps" - what would Jesus do?

3. What was Jesus like?

> the Gospels

>Gal 5.22f: "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law"

4. Sculptor: chip away what doesn’t look like an ele-phant

5. Song: Be Like Jesus

"I would be like Jesus"

6. We may be the only Jesus some people see!

F. "With A Sense of The Pres-ence of God"

1. Poem: "If Jesus Came To Your House"

2. There is no dichotomy between sacred and secu-lar

> we are Christians 24/7

3. We are always in the pres-ence of God

4. Joseph and Potiphar’s wife

5. David in Ps 139... "I can’t get away from your pres-ence"

> comforting

> disturbing

6. We should live our lives aware of the presence, majesty and holiness of God!


So, how are you doing? If we are honest with ourselves, if we look inside, I think we must admit that we have our work cut out for us; or rather, God has HIS work cut out!

Truly holy people don’t think of themselves as holy. I firmly believe that personal holiness is something that others see in us, rather than something we see in ourselves. (Paul, "chief of sin-ners")

Speaking of being a sinner, let’s take a moment to make sure that you have taken the first step. Have your sins been forgiven? Have you received Christ as your Savior?

1. Completely giving yourself to God

2. Trusting Christ to forgive your sins

3. And allowing Him to have control of your life

We must take that first step.

Now if we have done that, if we have become a Christian, now we need to act like one; live like one.

We may fool others, and we may even fool ourselves, but we will never fool God. Let me challenge you to determine today, that from this point forward, we will begin the pursuit of personal holiness:

A lifestyle characterized by obe-dience to the Word of God; sub-mission to the Will of God; char-acter like the Son of God; with a sense of the Presence of God.

Let Us Pray.

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