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Mastery of Godâs Called

A. Following the prize (12)

1. Refutation of completion (12a)

2. Continuation of intention (12b)

C. Forgetting the past (13)

1. Repudiation of the past (13a)

a. Good

b. Bad

3. Concentration in the present (13b)

a. ÎReaching forthâ - The Greek word points out the strong exertions made in the race; every muscle and nerve is exerted, and he puts forth every particle of his strength in running.

II. Mark of Godâs Calling

A. Continual pursuit (14a)

1. ÎI pressâ - I pursue along the line. This is a reference to the white line that marked the ground in the stadium, from the starting place to the goal, on which the runners were obliged to keep their eye fixed

B. Certain purpose (14b)

1. They who transgressed or went beyond this line did not run lawfully, and were not crowned, even though they got first to the goal.

2. Paul wanted to finish well

III. Maturity of Godâs Commission

A. Like-minded (15a)

B. Led by the Spirit (15b)

Living up to present knowledge

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