Summary: This is a brief outline of Peter’s life that I used to Introduce our Sun. nite study Series on I Peter

A Brief Sketch of Peter’s Life

Four main area’s of Peter’s life:

A. His calling

Mark 1:16-18 (also Luke 5:3-11)

* fishing in Sea of Galilee with his brother Andrew.

* they are partners with James and John in a lucrative fishing business

* ALL This changes when Jesus calls out to them

* No hesitation, No scrambling to secure possessions, no backward glances.


William Barclay’s Account on Peter’s nature and the Galilean Culture

B. His Role

* rose to position of leadership among the Disciples.

* matt 10:2 - first- protos- can mean not only first in order but chief or first in prominence.

* other passages - spokesman for the disciples

- Bold enough to ask Jesus Questions

- nervy enough to insist on Explainations

Matt 18:21, 19:27

-acted as spokeman fielding questions from others. Matt 17:24

- quick to answer Jesus questions Matt. 16:13-16

As a result of Peter’s faith - Jesus blessed Him and changed His name from Simon (stone)

to Peter (rock)

Peter also had the dubious role of being the most rebuked of Jesus’ Disciples, especially when his impulsiveness merged with his heartfelt loyalty Matt 16:21-23

Even his loyalty would crumble under the weight of the Cross.

C. His Denial

* vowed he would die before deny Lord - Mark 14:27-31

We see his denial in Mark 14:66-72

D. His Leadership

Was included in news of resurrection Mark 16:7

Turnaround in John 21

V7. Hearing Jesus, he jumped into the water in rush to see Jesus.

Jesus told Peter aside and began the restoration process.

V. 15-22 Jesus reesablished peter’s role of leadership in the kingdom and sealed it with the command to follow Him.

Acts tells us it was Peter who...

Took the lead in choosing a disciple to take Jadus’s Place (acts 1)

Became spokeman for evangelistic outreach at Penecost (acts 2)

With John healed a lame man in the temple (acts 3)

Defied the sanhedrin, refusing to be silent about Jesus (acts 4)

Presided over the grim task of dealing with Ananis & Sapphira (ACTs 5)

Dealt decisively with the deceit of Simon the Magican( acts 8)

Reached out to Cornelius, a Gentile -opening door to the Gentiles. (Acts 10)

Peter can identify with our failures. Peter can understand pain that results. Peter was well acquiated with Suffering and persecution. Perhaps that’s why God used him to write these two small letters.

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