3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Dealing with a number of issues at EBC led me to a series by Pastor Jerry Shirley which God has graciously allowed me to revise and use to speak to our congregation.

Acts 3:22-4:4

Last time we looked at promise #1:

According to verse 19 when there is true repentance your sins will be blotted out.

Today I want us to focus on the Prophets and the persecutions.

Peter uses the prophets in order to make an impact on his audience.

He knew the prophets were held in high priority for the devout Jew.

Look at verses 22-23: This is a direct quote from Deut. 18

He reminds them that even Moses prophesied to them that a prophet would come. Moses tells them that He [this coming Prophet] would be their Messiah, and that not following Him would bring some very devastating consequences.

He warned them of eternal death and destruction for those who refuse to listen.

[Deuteronomy 18:19 NLT] “I [GOD] will personally deal with anyone who will not listen to the messages the prophet proclaims on my behalf.”

Have you ever heard some of the things that people base their belief of heaven and hell on?

Some believe that hell is right here on earth! In other words we’re living in hell and when we die God transfers us to heaven.

There are those who believe that we all go to hell but after 1,000 years God will transfer us from there to heaven forever

How about; “You can’t tell me that a loving God would ever send anyone to hell!”

I can tell you that you are absolutely right. He won’t but if you are bound and determined to go there He won’t stop you…

In verse 24 Peter then reminds them that Moses was just one of many other prophets, to declare the same message!

Did you know that over 300 direct prophecies about Jesus have been fulfilled? Prophecies like…

Is. 7:14 He would be born of a virgin Lk. 1:7 it happened!

Micah 5:2 born in Bethlehem Lk. 2:4 that happened!

Gen. 49:10 born of tribe of Judah Mt. 3:3 that happened!

Psalm 78:2 speak in parables Mt. 13:34 that happened!

Zech. 9:9 ride on the colt of a donkey Mt. 21 that happened!

Is. 61 heal the broken-hearted Lk. 4:18 that happened!

Is. 53:3 would be rejected by His own Jn. 1:11 that happened!

Is. 53:7 stand silent before accusers Mk. 15:5 that happened!

Ps. 22:18 cast lots for His robe Jn. 19:23 that happened!

Ps. 22 (hundreds of years before crucifixion was invented) prophets said they would pierce His hands and feet, and it happened!

Ps. 22:1 “my God, why forsaken me?” Mt. 27:46 that happened!

Ps. 22: 15 tongue cleave to jaw Mt. 27:50 & Jn: 19 that happened!

Zech. 11:2 sold for 30 pieces of silver Mt. 26:15 that happened!

Is. 53:9 buried with the rich Mt. 27 that happened!


If you were to cover the state of Texas with quarters, 2 feet deep, mark the back of 1 of them with an X. Now let’s place a man anywhere he wants to stand in the state, blindfold him, and ask him to find the quarter with the X on the first try. What do you think his chances of finding that quarter would be?

That’s the same chance of just 8 of the Bible’s 300+ prophecies being fulfilled by coincidence! Jesus fulfilled them ALL!

Look at verse 25 Peter tells them “You, being Jews are children of the covenant. You have all this inside information and to not get saved now is to sin against superior understanding!

Through the prophets of old, Peter says, you have a flood light; not a candle showing you the way!”

Today you and I have the Word of God as our floodlight and the same goes for us.

How many of you have ever tripped over your kid’s toys or stepped on something sharp in the dark, that was left in the floor?

You know it’s one thing to do it in the dark, but in broad daylight you need to be ashamed of yourself!

Peter says, for you to not accept Christ is to sin against a flood of lights!

Notice in verse 26 Peter’s use of the word “you”…can’t “you” see this?

I can say the same to this crowd here at EBC.

What a shame that some will go to hell from EBC and Jesus promises there will always be some mixed in with this group and every other Bible believing group BUT to go to hell from EBC is to sin against a flood of lights!

To sit here and hear the truth week after week, to be surrounded by people who love and pray for you…and to not make sure you’re saved in the face of all of that is much worse than stepping on your child’s sharp toy, in broad daylight!

If you’re here today and you’re not sure, you’ll never have a better chance to MAKE sure than right here, right now…today!

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