Summary: Peter was brought to Jesus by his brother.

Peters conversion.

John 1: 40 -- 42. 02/19/03

When you read biographies they began with the record of the physical birth of the person being written about. But in our study of the life of Peter, we begin with the record of his spiritual birth. But we cannot begin any sooner in his life, for the Scripture is silent about Peter’s early life. When the Scripture brings Peter on the scene in his conversion experience, he is already a married adult, A. fisherman by trade and living near the northern shore of the city of Galilee in the city of Bethsaida. But to begin Peter’s biography with his conversion is not a bad place to start, for real life does not begin until one is saved.

Peters conversion experience was not a spectacular event which would turn the heads of those who might witness it. It was simply a quiet encounter with Jesus. Even though it was a quiet encounter, it was still an event of tremendous magnitude because of what happened to him. As in any conversion that which happens to the person is the greatest thing that can happen to any person. A sin corrupted soul is saved from the damnation of hell and given eternal life in heaven.

There are about three things I want us to consider as the Scripture specifically reports were involved in Peters conversion.

First we note THE CONCERN BY HIS BROTHER. Peter was brought to Jesus by his brother Andrew. After Andrew had spent some time with Jesus, Andrew’s brother was a concern on his heart.

In church history Peter is big and Andrew is nothing. But would there have been an apostle Peter but for Andrew? Andrew did not write any books in the Bible and he wasn’t even one of the main leaders but a great work occurred because Andrew went after his brother Peter and brought him to Jesus. The same could be said of those who brought Moody, Graham and many others. You don’t have to carry on big crusades to do much for the Lord as we see in Andrew. He just brought his brother to the Lord. But listen! The thing that inspired Andrew’s concern for his brother was his personal acquaintance with Jesus. It was such a great experience that he had to tell others.

A great deal of training is not necessary to bring someone to Jesus. But in order to get people as far as Peter, we must have gotten as far as Andrew.

Now I want you to notice something in verse 41, and 42. Two words I want you to see, “findeth” and “brought.” The word findeth indicates he had put forth effort to find him.

The word brought indicates that Andrew did not stop at just the telling but he brought. Andrew just didn’t tell Peter he needed to go to church but brought him.

We see not only the concern by his brother but also THE COMMUNICATION ABOUT HIS MESSIAH.

I like Andrew’s message. It was short and to the point. “We have found the messiah.”

To find the savior of our souls is the greatest discovery of all. Man gets all excited when he discovers gold, silver or some precious metals. These metals, as important as they are, compared to the discovery of Andrew are pretty insignificant. For the Bible says, “what shall it profit a man, if the shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Now I want to say something else here. When Andrew said we have found the messiah, he did it excitedly. He did it with some enthusiasm. Can we expect people to receive the gospel if it is not presented enthusiastically?

Have you ever noticed those car salesman? They present it as being the best. Well we have the best news of anyone in the world. We ought to share it emotionally and enthusiastically.

Notice something else about our text. Andrew did not say we think we have found the messiah. He did not say we hope we have found the messiah. No! He said we have found the messiah.

I want to tell you, it would be hard for me to put much confidence in a preacher with a hope so salvation. It would be just difficult for me. Can you imagine asking Paul, Paul when you go to heaven when you die, then having him say I hope so? Paul did not say that at all but said, “I know in whom I have believed.” John said, “these things have I written unto you that you may know that you have eternal life.”

The idea we cannot be sure of our salvation with great assurance is simply a lie from Satan. He doesn’t want anyone to be certain in this area. Satan majors on doubt.

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