Summary: Gideon’s battle with the Midianites and how people should stand with their leaders


* This is the well known story of Gideon and his battle with the Midianites.

* The Lord spoke to Gideon & God says, "Gideon, I got one problem, you’ve got too many

soldiers." * Gideon must’ve wanted to debate that with the Lord - already out numbered - v.2

A) Gideon made a feeble attempt to tell these folks if they didn’t want to stay, they could go home.

* 100,000 to 32,000 and Gideon said in v.3, Can you imagine it? * Gideon says,

* "I want to tell you yellow bellies, if you’re afraid we just don’t need you anyway; God told me

to tell you if you’re afraid, just go home; I dare you!"

B) 22,000 went home - 10,000 remained & God says, "Gideon, you still got too many."

* Gideon’s face? * In v.4-5 God says, "I’ll take care of it this time Gideon."

* In v.6 only 300 left. * In v.7 God promised to give the victory.

C) It’s easy to trust God after the fact! ( David and Goliath )

* Look at Gideon! * "There’s no way 300 will win over 100,000 plus, we’re dead meat!"

* Do you think Gideon was afraid? * Gideon was shaking in his boots; scared to death!

* In v.9 God promised again! * But Gideon was still afraid!

D) Can I tell you that leaders get fearful? * Can I tell you ladies that husbands get fearful?

* Can I tell you kids that Mom and Dad get fearful over your life & over their family at times?

* Can I tell you that your preacher has the ability to be afraid? * Notice v.10

E) This is the first time this man is mentioned in the Bible & one other time in v.11.

* Why did Gideon go down with Phurah? * I’ll tell you why; he was afraid!

* God says, "Gideon, get down there!" * Gideon must’ve been shaking & said, "But God, I only

have 300 men." * God says, "If you’re afraid Gideon, then take Phurah down there with you."

* The next thing I find, he’s taking Phurah.

F) I want to speak to you a few minutes on this person Phurah, one of the most amazing people

in the Bible! * There would’ve never been a victory with Gideon & 300 ... not been for Phurah!

* Gideon would’ve still been afraid & nervous, but there was someone who was standing

in the shadows!

G) I want to suggest to you that there are Phurah’s in this room today!

* You’re not the lead person; you’re the second person; you’re the harmony part!

* You’re the Phurah to the Gideon; Gideons stand in the spotlight;

(1) PHURAHS STAND IN THE SHADOWS! * Wives are Phurahs; make men look good!

* This doesn’t mean that wives are ignorant nor that they don’t have any ability!

* Phurah may have had more ability than Gideon! * Women are smart & intelligent and God has

given them the ability to think.

* Though you have that ability, you’re still to be in the support role!

A) Two young boys in orchestra ....... argued over who was to play the lead part.

* Women, you’ll drive yourself crazy if you try to lead that home when God asks that man to lead!

* "But Preacher, I don’t want to stand in the shadows!"

* If you don’t want to stand in the shadows, and build that man in the sight of your children, you’re

gonna cause disruption of peace in the home - no harmony in the home!

B) Women create harmony in the home or either agony in the home!

* Home is a happy place because of what you ladies do, you set the mood in the home!

C) There should be Phurahs in the home - ladies, that’s your job! * "But I don’t like it!"

* Phurah might have not liked it, but he did it - God wanted it that way!

* Prov.31:23 "Her husband is known in the gates." * Why? cause that wife was a Phurah!

D) She stood in the shadows and let her husband be the Gideon!

* Jesus said in Mt.20:16 "The last ... first ..." * That day when all the Phurahs will be rewarded!

* Husbands, be a Phurah for your wife! * Parents, be Phurahs for your kids!

* If you always have to be a Gideon, something is wrong with you! * Phurahs stand ... shadows!

E) The Church! * God help the church member who can’t be a Phurah!

* Stand in the shadows while someone else stands in the spotlight!

* Had there not been a Phurah ....... cause Gideon was afraid!

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