Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Where you walk makes a differance

Just a few thoughts about making wrong choices.

Preach it!


GENESIS 13:5-12

There are decisions each day that we make that determine our stand with our Lord. We have that freedom even if God wants our path to go in one direction, we still have the choice to decide whether or not to let God lead or do we go in our own direction. Lot made his choice and he chose what he thought was the best looking land with the most potential for personal gain.

What brought Lot to the decision to pitch his tent toward Sodom?

1. v.7 There was strife.

2. v. 9 Abram asked him to not fight and to look at the land and choose.

3. v.10 He lifted his eyes and saw the good land with plenty of water and the potential for personal gain.

4. v.12 Lot dwelled in the cities.

I. The down fall of Christians.

1. Strife that does not have to be.

2. Compromise, more concerned about self and gain than about God’s will.

3. Turning to the world for answers rather than asking God for help.

4. A callused heart toward God. Thinking we can handle it ourselves.

II. The results of a decision.

1. A life that was entangled with the world.

a. He sat in the gate of the city Gen. 19:1

b. He was willing to give up his family to have peace. Gen. 19:8

c. He lost his testimony with his family Gen. 19:14

d. He had to be dragged out of the city. Gen. 19:16

e. His wife didn’t listen and lost her life. Gen. 19:26

f. His daughters committed a great sin. Gen. 19:36-38

2. We cry out I have my right to choose.

III. How do we make wrong right?

1. Don’t just listen to those that are crying wolf but hear them.

2. Get control of your life and the lives of your family.

a. It’s never too late.

b. You can always be a influence to those you love.

3. Get out of sin! Run from sin not toward it.

4. Bring everything before the Lord. Ps. 51:1-17


Have you pitched your tent toward Sodom?

Is your life out of control?

Repentance is only a prayer away.

Don’t give Satan the satisfaction of controlling you or your family.

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