6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: When confronted with sexual temptation, Joseph dropped his garment and ran. This is a good example for us to follow as we are confronted with sexual temptation daily.

Genesis 39

March 21, 2004

(At the startr of this sermon I lit a candle at the front of the church and allowed it to burn throughout the message)

Many boys in the process of growing up go through a stage where they are fascinated with fire.

Good for light and heat.

But if the fascination runs amok, then it can do unbelievable damage.

When we moved to Kitchener, there was a boy who had played with fire and lost. His body was marred beyond belief by the power of the flame.

The same is true with sex. In its rightful place in marriage it is a gift from God. However, if taken out of its context it can cause unbelievable damage.


1. Joseph in Potiphar’s house 39:1-6

prosperity and trustworthiness

2. The opportunity for sin 39:6-7

Potiphar’s wife notices Joseph

3. The refusal of the temptation 39:8-10

sin not against Potiphar primarily but against God

Pierre Trudeau - Government has no place in the bedrooms of the nation. God has his place in the bedrooms of the nation.

4. The crisis in temptation 39:11-12

availability -- never in our lifetime has sex been so available

- opportunity to cheat, to look, to flirt

anonymity -- can look at porn in the privacy of your own home

aggressiveness -- reaches out and grabs you

Like the fire don’t play with it. It can seem so insignificant. Oh its just a little harmless flirtation... Its just a few pictures... Oh its just a TV show...

But like the fire it can burn the house down.

We need to do like Joseph - run the other way.

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