Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Let us make God number one in our lives and please Him today. Friend, do you understand that HE is the source of our blessing?

Please Him!

2 Corinthians 5:9”….we make it our aim to please him.”

Well, the whole world is scheming, plotting and manipulating to please others! There are few who hang around the office with genuine work, there are others who pretend to be hard working but doing nothing. These are boss-pleasers! A bright, dazzling and cheerful smile is reserved for the girl friend whereas a frown is reserved for people at home. Have you watched people shamelessly go to any extent to extract a few extra money from you? They would salute, grin and pretend to stretch out to help you only to grab some money from you. The whole world is filled with people pleasers, no wonder there are so many disappointments, betrayals and heart breaks because we have spent a lot of time in pleasing people instead of God. Are you there?

Let us make God number one in our lives and please Him today. Friend, do you understand that HE is the source of our blessing? Then why do we not give Him the honor and reverence that He deserves? Why do we reserve the dregs for Him? Why do we hesitate to give Him a best offering? Why do we hesitate to open our wallet and give liberally for the work of God? It is sickening to watch people grab freebies but when it is time to pay, they shrink. With all the latest technological development, let us refrain from utilizing facilities that we have not paid for. There are many avenues to cheat but you stay away. Be it soft wares, music, even Biblical sermons, purchase them and bless the ministry. Integrity pleases God!

My challenge to you is this, stop fooling around, ignoring God and the church, set your heart to please HIM Monday through Sunday and watch Him bless you. You may have to forego your early morning ‘golden hours of sleep’ wake up and kneel before Him and pray, read His Word, stick and hang around with spiritual people. Cut out trash from your life, cleanse every area of your life. Please God! I tell you, the results would be amazing! Colossians 1:10“…so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.”

I liked my English teacher at school so much that I would go great extent to please her, I would prepare the lesson before hand to please and impress her. She started noticing me, this excited me; one day the teacher – who also happens to be the headmistress of the school – saw a gaping hole in the bottom of my shoes. She called my mom and discussed about our financial status and came to know of our utter poverty during that time and she made an amazing promise to take care of my uniform, books and school fees until I finish my intermediate education. She kept her word! All this happened because I took the efforts to please her! Are you listening? Just imagine the delightful blessings God would give you, if only you go all out to please Him!

Let this message bolster you to get closer to God!

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commented on Jul 30, 2018

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