Summary: A Dinner invatation given by one of the chief Pharisee to publicly humilate Jesus failed miserably

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LUKE 14:1-6


I. THE PLOT: LUKE 14:1, 2

A. Premeditated.

B. Participants.

C. Plant.


A. Proposition.

B. Procedure.

C. Parting.


A. Probing.

B. Perplexity.

C. Perturbation.

Jesus is invited once more to come home with a Pharisee to eat a Sabbath meal with him. Jesus went and no doubt did eat something there. However, Luke devotes a good deal of this chapter (verses 1 to 24) to the messages that Jesus gave at the home of one of the chief Pharisees. It is probable that this learned man and his guests did not have any intention of hearing these messages from Jesus, but once inside the home, and seeing what was awaiting Him, the Master delivered some startling words of rebuke to those who had gathered there for one special reason-to try and trap Jesus in seeing if He would disobey the Law of Moses.

Luke does not reveal the name of this very important person, but it becomes apparent that this Pharisee was not interested in becoming a believer of Jesus; he just wanted to trap the Master to see if he could prove that Jesus was a fraud. This Pharisee knew he could not better Jesus in an open forum so he did the next “best” thing-invite Jesus to his home for a meal. Besides serving a meal to Jesus, this man invited a sick person to be in the house when Jesus arrived. Evidently, this Pharisee wanted to watch and see what Jesus would do on this sacred day.

In keeping with the times, it is highly likely that this Pharisee was rich or at least well to do, and he spared little expenses in preparing this meal for Jesus. If his heart really were intent on becoming a believer in Jesus, he would not have done what he did. From the context of the Scriptures, it appears that this Pharisee set a trap for Jesus and he actively plotted to embarrass Jesus or to prove Him to be a fraud. The opposite came to the forefront and Jesus proved that His host was the one who was a charlatan.

The entire parts of verses one through six, center on a man who was ill-he had the “dropsy.” This infirmity has since been given a medical name-edema. The condition arises in a person who is not able to discharge the water from one’s system in a normal manner. As a result, the body retains a lot of the bodily fluid and over a period of time, the swelling of the legs becomes evident making walking and standing very painful. Slowly, the weight of the excess bodily fluid weakens the internal organs especially the heart and the kidneys causing death-sometimes a painful death.

This was the condition of the man who was sitting inside this chief Pharisee’s home when Jesus arrived to eat with His new host. It appears that the poor man was situated in such a place in the home that it was impossible not to know of his presence. Jesus certainly saw this man and the rest of the guests did likewise. When Jesus entered the home, the trap was sprung and the self-righteous people waited to see what Jesus would do especially since this was a Sabbath. Would Jesus “work” on the Sabbath thus breaking the Law of Moses? Alternatively, would Jesus not help this man and thus prove that Jesus could not perform miracles as was being reported. With the scene set, the people waited and wondered.

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