Summary: A Christmas message about all the events of Christmas that was exciting and such a BIG DEAL that the Lord worked many miracles to announce. Ended with communion.

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Pomp and Circumstances

Theme: To show that this was a BIG DEAL about Christ coming. When we take communion it is also a BIG DEAL of Pomp and Circumstance.


As I have been pondering over the Christmas story I am amazed by how much went into the preparation for the coming of Jesus this babe in a manger. I have looked over the events and see what went into this event. You can quickly tell that this is not just another miracle that God is working to set things in order or deliver His people. This is bigger than this.

There are what I consider five stories that lead up to the coming of Jesus. Zacharias, Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds and the wise men.

Similarities of Events:

- An angel appears “don’t be afraid”

- A miraculous sign (silence for 9 months, virgin pregnant, babe in swaddling clothing, the star)


I have titled this Pomp and Circumstance because it remained me of the majestic and glorious way in which Christ was came. Pomp and Circumstance is a military term that actually came from Shake sphere. It was made in reference to the parading of the military whether it was of spoils or just showing off the military might.

Pomp and Circumstance defined: The “pomp” in “pomp and circumstance” is familiar to most of us, and means “a display of magnificence and splendor.” The root of “pomp” is the Latin “pompa,” meaning “procession,” based on a Greek root meaning “to send.” “Pomp” can be used in a negative sense as well, meaning “an ostentatious display of wealth or ceremony,” which gave us the useful adjective “pompous,” which originally meant simply “characterized by pomp” but now means “self-important or arrogant.”

The puzzle in “pomp and circumstance” is “circumstance.” We use “circumstance” today, usually in the plural form “circumstances,” to mean the context or conditions surrounding something, the place, time, causes and effects, etc., of an action or state of being. That makes perfect sense, since the Latin root of the word, “circumstare,” meant literally “to stand around.” But a dull noun like “circumstance” seems a weird companion for glamorous “pomp.” However, beginning in the 14th century, “circumstance” was also used to mean specifically “the ceremony or fuss made about an important event,” in the sense that such things happened “around” the event. This sense is now considered archaic, although, thanks to Shakespeare, we still have “pomp and circumstance.” Quoted from:

This is the reason for name I this here. I believe that as a measure of celebration God set up the coming of the Messiah with miraculous events. This is not just a miracle but many miracles and attention getters. In these events as noted there are five stories which the Lord used to introduce Jesus the savior of the world. Let us look at these and see what we learn.

I. Zacharias and the Angel

Luk 1:17 He will also go before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, ’to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children,’ [2] and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord."

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