Summary: When you have a need in your life you are in position for God to do the miraculous in your life!

Positioning Yourself For a Miracle

Foundation scripture: John 2:1-11

I. John 2:1-2

A. Their is a marriage feast in Cana.

1. Cana was about 10 miles from Nazareth.

2. Mary, Jesus’ mother, was already there.

B. Jesus was called to the feast. Why?

1. Was the wine already running low?

2. They needed a miracle.

3. When you need a miracle- call on Jesus!

II. John 2:3-5

A. When you have a need you are in position for

Jesus to do a miracle in your life.

1. Go to Jesus with your need.

2. Believe that He will meet your need.

(Phil. 4:19)

B. The men did what Jesus told them to do even

though it probably didn’t make sense to them.

1. To see miracles we have to do what Jesus

has told us to do. Even if it doesn’t make

sense to us sometimes.

2. How do we learn what Jesus has told us to


a. By reading God’s Word.

b. By praying in the Holy Spirit.

c. By asking God for wisdom and guidance.

III. John 2:6-8

A. Jesus tells them what to do.

B. They believe Jesus’ words.

C. They do exactly what He says to do.

D. They act on their faith in what Jesus has said.

E. Result: They received a miracle.

IV. John 2:9-11

A. We are unaware of many of God’s blessings.

B. Many times we take them for granted.

C. If you want the best for your life- you have to

let Jesus run the show. Make Him Lord of your


1. God doesn’t fill our needs at a dollar


2. God does the exceeding, abundantly, above

all we could ask or think.

Do you want to see miracles?

Do you want to have Jesus manifest His glory in your life?

Then tell Him your needs.

Believe He can and will meet your need.

Believe God’s Word and do it.

Expect a miracle!!!!

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