Summary: A concise look at one of the keys that could take you straight into your inheritance in Christ.

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As we mark the ressurection of Christ we must not fail to recongnise what he came to do. He did not come to save you from your sin alone, he came to take you into your inheritance. When man sinned he lost Eden, when man got saved he is entitled to go back to his Edenic privileges.

1. Good health

2. Total security

3. Excellent provisions

4. Fellowship with God.

One of your major key into your possession is faith.

What Is Faith?

Heb. 11:1 is one of the best definition we have.

Faith can also be described as Firm belief in something for which there is no proof but the word of God / word from God .Without strong faith, you are going to be stranded in the race of life.

To Understand fully what faith entails Lets Go To The Father Of Faith. (Rom. 4:18 - 21)

1. Believe in what you are hoping for (God word)

2. Consider not physical / contrary evidence

3. Stagger not / doubt not the word of promise

4. Praise in advance

5. Be fully persuaded about the sure performace

Demonstration of faith

In Mark 5, we see the demonstration of faith and the following conclusions are evident

• Hearing is instrumental to faith. She heard Jesus was passing

• Jewish law forbide such women to appear in public. Faith break protocols and ignore procedures

• That woman saw the crowd but was still pursuing after Jesus. When faith is at work mountains are irrelevant. She pressed through the crowd and they made way, despite her fragility. She did not consider her own body .

• Faith is not passive, it is active .Faith take steps. It has target.

How To Develop Faith For Your Possession

1. Identify what you wants to possess

2. Secure God’s word concerning your possession

3. Pray until you are convinced it is answered.Eccl5:20 says “God answereth him in the joy of his heart”

4. Take a step of faith and move toward possessing your possession.

Hope you know that your faith must be seen. In Mark 2:5 – Jesus saw their faith.

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