Summary: Breakthrough is a radical expansion; an exceptional maximisation; an enlargement, a turning point.

I would like you to read this message with rapt attention. However, before you go on, I would like you to pray these prayer points with all the seriousness that you can gather. By the time you would have finished reading this message, a divine exchange would have taken place in your life. The transformation that you will experience will make even your enemies to wonder. Not only that beloved, power and wealth will change hands in the Name of Jesus. This means that the powers that have been sitting on your breakthroughs, whether they are physical or spiritual, all of a sudden, those powers will summersault.

Also, after reading this message there will be an over-turning and over taking. When the crisis starts, the purpose will be to bring you favour. Also, long-term problems shall be disgraced. Many sisters, who have lost their seat, will retrieve them. The servants that have been riding on the horse of the destiny of some people will fall down from that horse. If the doctors have qualified your situation as being ‘hopeless’, it shall experience the raw power of God today. Your labour of past years, that the enemy has stolen, you shall repossess in the Name of Jesus. Many people collect blessings but they get filtered away. It is because they have evil baskets in their lives. If you are in that category the basket shall be melted away in the Name of Jesus. Do not allow this opportunity to pass you by.

• Any power that has tied me down die in the Name of Jesus.

• Every witchcraft power monitoring my breakthroughs die in the Name of Jesus.

• You ‘Pharaoh’ amongst my pursuers, you ‘Goliath’ amongst my oppressors, I bury you today in the Name of Jesus.

I want you to pull down the clouds of your breakthroughs today, by saying:

• O heavens, release my breakthroughs, in the Name of Jesus.

Psalm 124:7

“Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped”.

The first thing what I would like you to know, is the fact that God is not a failure; therefore, we His children, should not be a failure in any way. God did not design anyone to come to this world and fail. Any failure we find in our lives is not the fault of God.

The verse above, gives a wonderful picture of what is called breakthrough. Imagine the scene of a bird that has been caged. It has become limited; even through it could travel for miles in the sky freely. It has been reduced to a creature that cannot move past 1foot upwards and downwards. Only God knows for how long it has been in the cage suddenly, a particular power comes and breaks the cage open and the bird escapes. This is the picture of breakthrough.


It is a serious progress. It is possible for a person to progress but not in an appreciable way. If a person wants to go to Kaduna and sets out on foot, he would be moving, which means he or she is making progress but it is a slow one. Breakthrough is serious progress, advancement. I know that you want advancement; otherwise, you would not have picked this message up to read. Those who know that there is a better level and want to get there are the ones that read messages like this. I know that the Lord will touch you through it and you will become a completely changed person in the Name of Jesus.

Breakthrough is a positive boost. You could be doing well and you start doing better. It is a forward development, an important discovery. You could have been on one spot for years and you do not know what is going wrong. All of a sudden, God opens your eyes to see what it is. A person could have been eating form the table of darkness for a long time then, one day, God opens his eyes to see what is going wrong.

In one of our branches, we preached a message on the strongman. There was a woman at the service, who had just lost her husband, she prayed vigorously and her blouse was soaked in sweat. When she got home, her house-help welcomed her and congratulated her for having started to pray. The woman wondered and the girl said she was the one that killed her husband. The woman said she had to leave the house. The girl said she would leave but that the woman should know that she had initiated her children into witchcraft. For fifteen years, this woman did not know that her enemy was in her pocket. There are many people like that, whose eyes need to be opened. You should know who the rat in your business is, and who the aggressor in your camp is; and who the unfriendly friends are.

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