Summary: You are created to become legitimate son of God but sin and the devil take that father, son relationship away, what can bring back relationship is receiving Jesus to your life Are you ready now go with me as we see what God expected of you and me to become and get back what we lost.

Power And Strength To Become

Text: John 1:12



Power is ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way. Legal or official authority

STRENGTH: Strength is the quality or state of being strong, which gives the ability to perform various actions.


Physical power. Jud 15:16

Academic power. Exo 35:30-35; Dan 1:17

Political power. Dan 3:1-5.

Administrative power. Exo 18:13-26. Jethro advice Moses on administration

Wealth power. Gen 24:35; 26:13-14

Spiritual power. Luk 24:49; Act 1:8


Natural as given by God. Gen 8:22

From Man. Gen 29:14. Jacob under Laban

From the devil. Act 16:16:18; Eph 6:12

From God. Mar 6:7; Act 1:8

All power belong to God who created all things. Ps 62:11; Rev 4:11; 1Chr 29:11


Until the power that a man need come you can’t become what God want you to become.

When man give you power you are under control. Gen 39:5, 19-20

When the devil gives you power you are under bondage, because he will make you to go against the will of God. 1Ki 16:31; 18:4, 13.

When God gives power you become, what you are to become fulfilling purpose and destiny. Jer 1:10; Act 4:16; 19:11

What you are going through now does not matter, is about what God has planed for you. 1Pet 5:10

The God of all grace in Christ Jesus who has called us to his eternal glory after you suffer for a while will make you




Settle you

For any one to settle down in life there is a power needed, that power begin to work in you

Eph 3:20

Power to establish. Rom 16:25

Power to make wealth. Deu 8:18

Power to work and eat. Eccl 5:19; 6:2

Power to Conceive. Heb 11:11

Power and strength to bring forth. Isa 37:3

Power to rule. Rom 13:1

The power of the blood of Jesus. 1Jn 1:7; 1Pet 1:2

Power to witness. Act 1:8; 4:33

Power to heal the sick and cast out demons. Matt. 10:1

Power of protection agains evil arrow. Luk 10:19; Isa 54:17

Power of resurrection. Phi 3:10

Christ the power of God. 1Cor 1:18, 24 so we are to rely on him.

Luk 5:17. Power of God was present to heal all

Act 3:1-6. Peter heal a lame man


Receive Jesus. Jn 1:12; 2Cor 5:17

Relying on God. Phi 4:13.

Isa 40: 29-31. Wait on the Lord, seek him. Act 17:27

Fast and pray until you see God working in your favour.

You are not permitted to give up.


1. Lord I thank you for given this understanding to know that in Christ Jesus I have the power to become son/daughter of God

2. Father I surrender all to you in Jesus name

3. I take my place in Jesus to manifest power of sonship

4. By this I take Authority over the kingdom of darkness ruling in my life to quite now in Jesus name

5. I take my place in the kingdom and possess my possessions

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