Summary: All power in heaven and on earth belongs to the Almighty God, and this power had been given to our Lord Jesus Christ, who in turns manifest this power in the lives of those who truly believes in Him and are willing to do His will continually.


Study Text: Psalm 62: 11


- Power is an inherent characteristic of God that cannot be compared to any other personality.

- Truly, there are many other powers but there is a power greater than every other powers which is the power of Jehovah, the Almighty God.

- God is supreme. All power belongs to Him----it is indisputable. He is the Almighty; no power on earth can be compared to His.

- His power extends over all the earth, over all His creation; for He made the heavens and the earth along with everything that exists within it. God has no beginning and no end; He existed before the Beginning. Isaiah 45:21.

- This power of God is in Jesus Christ. He has the name above every name, and was given all powers in Heaven and on Earth. Matthew 28: 18.

- We shall be discussing the topic under three subheadings:

1. The Distinction of His Power

2. The Dimensions of His Power

3. The Dominion through His Power

1. The Distinction of His Power

There are various categories of power which had been manifested at various times and for various reasons. Some of these include:

1. The Power of Position

- This is exhibited by people in a position of authority, and is applicable to both the spiritual and the secular sectors.

- An example of such power was the threatening of King Nebuchadnezzar against the three Hebrew men. He was asking them, who is that God that will deliver them. Daniel 3: 13 - 15.

- This power is limited because, the people in possession of such power, only became who they were for a period of time. They may die or finish their tenure of office.

- If any one is using the power of position to torment you or oppress you in anyway, the power of the Most High God can be engaged to crush such power.

2. The Power of Personality Connection

- This is exhibited by people that are connected to those in highly placed position. They exercise this power, not because of who they are, but because of who they know.

- Sometimes, people use this power to get something they wanted easily, and to deal with some people negatively.

- We have the example of Harman, who used his connection with the king to plot the destruction of Mordecai and the entire Jews. Esther 3: 5 - 10.

3. The Power of Seduction

- The power exhibited by women when they influence a man to bid their requests in exchange for sexual gratification.

- A lot of men had been so influenced and enticed to give or do something against their natural willingness.

- Samson was a victim of such influence and enticement by two different women, and that led to his separation from God and destruction. Judges 14: 15 - 18, 16: 4 - 20.

4. The Power of Wealth Possession

- This is when people use their wealth possessions to influence others and get what they wanted at all costs.

- Naaman came with a lot of material rewards as a means of getting his healing easily and assuredly. 2 Kings 5: 5 - 12.

- The Magician in Samaria offered money to the Apostles to obtain the power they had. Acts 8: 18 - 24.

5. The Power of Divination

- This is the power exhibited by people operating in Satanic supernatural. They include the false prophets, sorcerers, magicians and diviners.

- They use this power to see into people's lives and future, and by so doing, gain access to manipulate the people's destinies.

- The magician in Samaria deceived people for a long time with this power, and people took him for a true servant of God before the arrival of Philip. Acts 8: 9 - 11.

- Also, a damsel with the spirit of divination was testifying about Paul and Silas, until her secret was exposed by the Holy Spirit. Acts 16: 16 - 18.

6. The Power of Demonic Oppressions

- This is the power exhibited by demons and everyone operating in the kingdom of darkness, in oppressing and afflicting unprotected people.

- We can see the example of a man living among the tombs in Gadarene, under the operations of demonic powers. Luke 8: 28 - 39.

7. The Power of the Holy Spirit

- This is the power of the most high God. The greatest power that can not be resisted or limited.

- This power is in Jesus Christ, who shared same with the faithful followers in His kingdom. Luke 10: 19 - 20, Acts 1: 8.

2. The Dimensions of His Power

- There are different dimensions that the power of God has been in operations, and which is still possible and visible today.

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