Summary: What do ya do when you feel powerless?

2nd Corinthians 12:7-10

Awww come on and praise the Lord everybody. God is awesome! And he is truly worthy to be praised! Amen. Amen. You may be seated in the prescense of the Lord. Ushers, let the worshippers in, that they may hear a word from the Lord. I dare not try to read this text again, lest we all might go crazy & I might not be able to preach, amen? amen... But God says to Paul in verse number 9, "But my grace, is sufficient for you, and my power is made perfect in your weakness!" Ha, ha, ha. You got it sister. She got it. She got it. You’d better bless him! Ha, ha, ha! I dare ya... I dare ya... Alright I’ll give you about 30 secconds ha, to thank God, ha, for his Grace! Somebody oughta shout GRACE!!!!!!!! I’ve gotta get outta here as Bishop would say, I’ve gotta get outta here. I ain’t messin’ with y’all. I ain’t messin’ with y’all. I might not be able to preach this thing. I’m going to try to hold it together, Deacon Wright please pray that I can hold it together. Paul is writing about a vision that he has in the spirit in this text, and Paul basically opens up this chapter talking about a vision that he had 14 years ago... Why talk about it now? And in the 3rd person? Because as he says in the text just so that he would not become full of himself & boast that God gave him a thorn in the flesh. So he waited 14 years and then talked about it in 3rd person just so that it wouldn’t seem as if he was boasting of himself & that HE got the revelations! Hmmm... And then Paul goes on to say that the thorn was buffering him, challenging him, or even iritating him. And he says that he asked God to remove it three times. Twice God said nothing... And on the third time out of nowhere we hear, "My Grace", ha, ha, ha, ha, he , he. "My Grace is SUFFICENT!" And my power is made PERFECT! What? PERFECT! In, in your weakness! And Paul begins to say, "I’m WEAK! I’m WEAK!! Ha, ha, ha! And he says, in essence, that, "I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ, might rest on me. Somebody got it! Can I take my time on this? And so, and so... That’s what I want to talk about. I want to talk today from the subject of, "Power For The Powerless!" Turn to your nieghbor & say "Nieghbor, i’m powerless, but I got power!" I’m trying to hold it together...

My brothers and my sisters, if I could keep it real with you for just a few minutes on today, I am convinced today beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are several times in our lives when we feel powerless. Times when we feel weak. Times when we’re tired. When we just feel like giving up, like throwing in the towel. Situations in our lives are just wearing us down and it seems like if it ain’t one thing it’s another & as if God just doesn’t care. Times when we feel drained & hopeless, humiliated, and, and fed up. We get weary & bogged down with the worries and cares of this world. And my brothers and my sisters, I would submit to you today that although it may be uncomfortable, uneasy, and painful, that that is right where God wants you to be. Because it’s not until you become weak & vulnerable that God can really use you. Oh, you gonna look at me funny huh? Come on & get honest up in here... You know & I know that as long as everything is peachy keen and we feel like we can handle everything that we don’t need God! But as soon as things start going haywire in our lives & we really get weak, then God is able to make us strong in him! Ohhh I wish I had a witness up in here! And so, God works best in us when we’re weak, because when we’re weak then God can make HIS power evident, and get HIS glory! Because it’s only then that we can truly say that it was nobody but the Lord! But i’m still trying to figure out, how in the world can I be powerless and still have power? Well, i’m so glad you asked because I sat down the other day & I talked to Paul, I talked to Paul & he dropped some things on me, as to how I can be powerless & still have power? And if I can be powerless & still have power, when i’m weak, what do I do to get strong? And it’s in the text, it’s in the text, and I felt obliged to share these things with you in order to even yet prove my point... Can I go ahead & share with you for awhile?

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