Summary: A sermon that deals with the power of prayer and how God works in through prayer.

INTRODUCTION: Solomon in 2 Chronicles 6:1-11, he address the people to pray to God, and he does it also. In the same chapter 6:12-42, deals with Solomon prayer to God for himself and Israel. As soon as the prayer ends God sends fire from heaven to consume the offerings. The glory of God filled the temple, and the people worshipped him. Solomon sacrificed 22,000 oxens, and 120,000 sheep. Solomon had serious attitude about the power of prayer and these scriptures show us.

1. Meeting (verse 12)- "The Lord appeared to Solomon"

A. Predictment was right- "by night"

B. Petitioning was right- "I have heard your prayer"

C. Place was right- "have chosen this place "

2. Mandate(verse 14)- "If" third class- Maybe yes or maybe no

A. People must be right- "my people who are called"

B. Position must be right

1. Humble themselves ( kaw-rah)- bring oneself low because fo God’s holiness

2. Pray

3. Seek My face

4. Turn from their wicked ways

3. Miracle(verse 14b)- "Then I will hear from heaven"

A. Patron will be made right- "forgive their sins"

B. Product will be made right- "heal their land"

4. Man(verses 12,14)- "the Lord appeared","I" This is a preincarnated appearance of Jesus Christ or an "Unidentified Father’s Offspring"

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